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A proven leader in safety and security window film, Madico manufactures an interlayer component for diverse window and ballistic glass applications. Madico anti-spall pvb films are designed to improve weight, performance and cost for ballistic glass manufacturers. This glass component, Glass-Gard anti—spall film, offers an excellent solution across a wide spectrum of industries including defense, security, automotive, transportation and architectural. The PVB interlayer is used for many bullet-resistant requirements.

Scratch Resistance

Superior scratch-resistant hard coat on the interior side of the final product.

Improved Glazing

Reduce weight, add strength, and increase the safety of glazing.

Optically Clear & Durable

Excellent optical performance and chemically resistant offering durability.

What is spall?
What is anti-spall film?

Spall is a term that means the splinters or shards that break off from a solid piece of glass created when glass shatters. The spall flies inward after the glazing is struck by an object or bullet from the outside, which can cause significant laceration injuries. Broken glass injuries can be life threatening, result in permanent scarring or cause dismemberment.

Anti-spall film is used as a component to increase penetration resistance of glass improving ballistic and security properties. This protective film layer added to glass helps protect people and property from the glass spalling. The hard coat is extremely durable, lightweight and has significant anti-penetration qualities.

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Is Madico's anti-spall window film bulletproof?

Glass-Gard anti-spall film from Madico is an interlayer film designed to improve ballistic and security glass products by preventing the spall, or shards of glass, that are created when unprotected glazing shatters inward. Glass Gard has an adhesion-promoting primer on both sides to ensure bonding to the interlayers after an autoclave process.

Madico’s anti-spall film can be used in bullet-resistant glazing and blast-resistant glazing to prevent spalling. It offers improved safety and security performance with lightweight and chemically resistant properties. Anti-spall film also has excellent optical performance, so glass will still be clear and transparent.

Common vehicle applications for anti-spall film include sunroofs, windshields, side and rear lites, rail car windscreens, mass transit vehicles and marine vessels. Uses in architectural glazing include skylights, curtain walls, security doors, detention facilities and blast-resistant glazing.

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What is bullet resistant glass?

Traditional bullet resistant glazing is strong, optically clear material designed to stop full penetration of a bullet. However, it does not prevent the spalling of glass, which can then severely lacerate the occupants of vehicles or buildings struck by flying objects or gunfire.

Bullet resistant glass is not impenetrable and is usually made from two or more types of laminated glass. Bullet resistant glazing can be used in vehicles, retail stores, banks or military installations where added security is needed.

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What's the difference between interlayer / PVB / TPU security films?

  • Interlayer is a film that is autoclaved between two sheets of glass. This process can be repeated to have glass:film:glasss:film:glass
  • The PVB films is primed on one side for excellent adhesion to PVB. On the other side of the film there is a coating to prevent scratches. This product is used on the innermost surface for example: glass windshield:PVB film scratch coating
  • The TPU films is primed on one side for excellent adhesion to TPU. On the other side of the film there is a coating to prevent scratches. This product is used on the innermost surface for example: glass windshield:TPU film scratch coating
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