Drive Profits with Buy One, Get One
50% Off Savings!

Drive Profits with Buy One, Get One 50% Off Savings!

Ceramic Window Tint at Its Finest

Rev up sales with the ceramic automotive window film that redefines beauty and performance. Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic window film by Madico® is as protective as it is smart. Advanced ceramic technology makes for the coolest drive around, while its ceramic construction won't interfere with wireless or satellite connections.

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Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic Features

Buy Your First Roll, Get the Second Roll 50% Off!

What's better than ceramic technology that blocks 99% of UV rays and rejects 87% of infrared rays? The same technology at significant costs savings, which means more profits for you. Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic is available in a wide variety of shades that minimize annoying glare with super high heat rejection.

To qualify:

  • Purchase your first roll of Black Pearl NC film and get the second roll for 50% off

  • Discount limited to first-time Black Pearl NC orders

  • Offer good for North American dealers only

black pearl nano-ceramic car

Rev Up Performance and Sales

Black Pearl® NC Features:

  • High infrared heat rejection, nano-ceramic technology

  • Excellent conformability for easy installation

  • Rich, black color

  • Metal-free construction won't interfere with wireless or satellite connections

  • Available in a wide range of shades to accommodate any driver's preference

  • 1.5 mil premium automotive film product

  • Helps keep shattered glass together in the event of an accident

  • Lifetime no-fade warranty

Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic testimonials
Testimonial Quote
  • "We absolutely love the Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic film. Our technicians love to install it and our customers are always pleased with the result."

    —Leslie Ewing
    Made in the Shade, Mesa, Arizona
  • "I've found more and more people are coming in and asking for ceramic films and I'm happy to be able to provide my customers with a quality product that is easy to install and shrinks easily."

    —David Lopez
    Dwight's Auto Glass & Tint in Tucson, Arizona

Buy One, Get One
50% OFF your first order.

Add Black Pearl NC to your portfolio and watch your business grow. Complete the form below to get started.

*Offer valid on first purchase of Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic and applies to the second roll purchased only. Dealer must purchase full film rolls (no partials) in a single order to qualify for the discounted roll. Discount applies to the least expensive roll. All sales are final.

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