Glass doors are a timeless design choice for homes and businesses, though some people might want the look of glass with the privacy of other materials. Enter window film. Window film is applied to interior and exterior glass doors to alter their opacity or add a new design element. If you love the look of glass but want to take things a step further, window film may be for you. 

Some universal benefits of window film for doors include: 

  • Provides UV protection: Installing window film absorbs and reflects sunlight and blocks up to 99% of damaging UV rays from entering your home or business. This helps protect your family or employees from harmful rays while they relax at home or focus at work. 
  • Maintains internal temperature: Window film can help regulate the temperature in your home or business, creating a more comfortable environment.
  • Leads to energy savings: Because window film reflects sunlight, you could see dramatic decreases in energy bills during the summer and winter months. During the summer, your air conditioning bills will be lower. During the wintertime, your heating bills will be lower, too. 
  • Increases home and business safety: While window film cannot prevent glass from breaking, it can help glass stay put together if it is ever broken. This can keep you, your family or your employees safer during storms and help protect your home and business from break-ins. Additionally, if your glass does break, window film can keep you safe from sharp edges or pieces. 
  • Slows furniture fading: When the sun can’t get through your windows, you may notice your furniture does not fade as quickly, keeping it looking nice for longer. 
  • Reduces glare: Window film helps reduce the glare on your home’s television or other electronics. If you have a beautiful glass door, you can enjoy natural light without getting a glare on your living room TV. 

Applications for Window Film in Your Home

Window film can be beneficial for the following doors in your home

Front Doors and Sidelights

Putting window film on your front door can increase your home’s privacy and safety. As mentioned above, window film can add a layer of protection to your home in the face of high winds or attempted break-ins. Additionally, standard window tints make it more difficult to see inside your home, adding another layer of privacy. Some are even designed with privacy in mind to make sure people outside cannot see through the glass. If you want privacy and extra security on your glass, window film for front doors might be a great option. 

Window film for sidelights offers similar benefits. You can also try out black-out window film on your front door and sidelights to alter the opacity of the glass for enhanced privacy. 

Patio Doors

Glass patio doors provide a window into the outside world. While you may want to retain the natural light provided by your patio doors, you may want a frosted glass design to increase privacy or the design elements of your home. For window film for patio doors, consider Frost Matte by Madico. This series is popular because it lets daylight in while protecting you and your family from harmful UV rays. It is also removable, so you can change up the look of your home if desired. 

French Doors

French doors are already a beautiful part of your home. You can add even more style by installing window film on your French doors. Madico window film can be cut into decorative patterns to fit the style of your home. Decorative film is also a more affordable alternative to etched or frosted glass. If you’re undergoing a home renovation and want to take a look at your doors, window film could mean more money left over for other projects. Plus, even decorative solutions mean you can enjoy increased security with privacy window film for French doors. 

Sliding Doors

If you have large sliding doors and want to cut down on your energy bills, solar control window film may help. At Madico, we have a line of solar control window film for sliding glass doors that can absorb the sun’s rays and help lower your energy spending. You can also install decorative window film for sliding glass doors to make the interior and exterior of your home more pleasing and beautiful for your family and those passing by. 

Shower Doors

Madicos’ White Out decorative film is an excellent choice for separating rooms within your home or adding extra privacy. One of these places you may want extra privacy inside your home is on glass shower doors. Window film for shower doors means multiple people can enter the bathroom at the same time without compromising privacy, which is especially helpful if you have one bathroom and multiple family members. 

Applications for Window Film in Your Business 

You can also use window film on the doors of your business. Consider the applications for window film at your commercial property

Front Doors and Sidelights

One innovative option for your company’s front door is Printables from Madico. Printables are optically clear, which allows any design or image to be printed onto the film and attached to the glass. This is an excellent way to convey your brand and improve your style while making your front door stand out. Plus, select films can protect your employees and visitors from UV rays and offer scratch resistance. 

You can also use Black Out by Madico on front doors and sidelights if you want to create top-notch privacy with a sleek finish. Black Out is commonly used in retail spaces to disguise what’s on the other side and block out undesirable views. 

Office Doors

Some employees may prefer office doors that are not completely transparent. This can help them stay focused, be more productive and feel safer while at work. Madico Safety & Security films are available in various styles, tints and grades, so there’s something to fit every company’s needs. Plus, our films are a cost-effective alternative to frosted or etched glass so you can get the same benefits for your whole office at a fraction of the price. 

Find a Window Film Dealer 

Madico film dealers are located throughout North America to assist you with your residential or commercial window film needs. The trained professionals at these locations will help you choose the best film for your situation and provide installation services, too. Find a Madico window film dealer near you today to enhance the privacy, style, safety and efficiency of your home or commercial property!