Most windows have a specific warranty to cover potential manufacturer defects after installation. Without a window warranty, the lack of coverage could lead to costly out-of-pocket repairs for the consumer.

Before applying window film to your vehicle, home or business, you must consider how the window film or tint might affect your original window warranties. Because window film offers many benefits, you must ensure your product choice has a window film warranty that can cover your existing policies and then some. 

Here’s how to keep your window protected even if the window manufacturer voids your warranty.

Does Window Film Affect Window Warranties?

A warranty is a contract between you and the manufacturer. When you purchase a car, the contract states that the dealer will cover any applicable repairs, including damage to the windows. For the windows in your residence or commercial building, a specific window warranty will cover any potential manufacturer defects.

However, each type of window warranty will have different contingencies in place. Most manufacturers can void your warranty if you fail to maintain the window according to their conditions. This means that depending on your particular policy, window tint may affect your window warranties.

Automotive Window Films for Your Vehicle

Provided you perform regular care and maintenance on your vehicle, the manufacturer’s warranty will cover any applicable repairs. In the United States, dealers cannot void your warranty based only on the fact that modifications or aftermarket parts have been added.

A dealer must prove the damage to your vehicle was caused by installing a particular modification or part. Therefore, unless the window film caused the damage you’re making a claim on, your warranty should take care of the repair.

There are some instances where modifications and aftermarket parts can cause dealers to void your claim. For example, window tint applications that involve removing windows from the vehicle can often damage the doors’ internal mechanisms. If such damage occurs, the manufacturer may render your warranty void due to your window film.

Additionally, each state has individual laws about automotive window films. Ensure you follow all local state guidelines for public safety on the roads.

Architectural Window Films for Residences and Buildings

A warranty’s fine print can differ between window manufactures. To determine how applying window tint can affect your window warranty, you must review your policy in detail.

In most cases, tampering with any part of the window is cause enough for the manufacturer to void your warranty. Because quality window film installation involves pulling back the window seal, there’s a significant chance the window manufacturer will render your warranty void.

The window seal must be pulled back to effectively hide the window film’s cut edge. If your window film installer did not tamper with the seal, you would see a visible difference between the plain and tinted glass. Unfortunately, the process of achieving an aesthetically pleasing application leads most manufacturers to void your warranty.

That’s why you must read your warranty’s fine print and choose a window film with a policy that can cover what your original warranty may no longer enforce after the installation.

What Do Window Film Warranties Cover?

While warranty policies can vary between window film brands, many of the top brands provide warranties that cover your existing window warranties in addition to the window film itself. It’s essential to choose a film brand that will manage any coverages offered in your window warranty, as many window warranties become void after the installation of window film.

Most windows have general warranty policies covering window replacement for all manufacturer defects. Some window manufacturer’s policies ensure your windows are warranted against specific deficiencies, such as thermal shock fractures, peeling, cracking, delamination, discoloration and bubbling in the glass. A window tint warranty may protect against seal failure during the warranty period, as long as seal failure was a problem covered by the window manufacturer.

Be sure not to abuse or take improper care of the window film, as doing so will void most window tint warranties, leaving you with little to no coverage for your windows.

What Does Madico®, Inc. Warranty Cover?

Madico film products have one of the best warranties in the industry for automotive and architectural films. Most vehicle and residential applications are covered by a lifetime warranty, meaning your car or home is protected as long as you are the owner. Meanwhile, commercial film applications for your business typically receive a 10- to 15-year warranty.

When you report a claim, the installing film dealer will verify if the particular defect is covered in your original window warranty. You will need to provide the original warranty and dealer invoice, so the film dealer can check that you’re the original owner and can receive warranty coverage as specified. Seal failure warranty claims submitted within the warranty period must have proof that your original window warranty would still be in force if you had installed no film.

Benefits of Adding Window Film to Your Vehicle, Home or Business

Whether you want to protect your windows, increase comfort or reduce glare, window films are an excellent solution for automobilesresidences and commercial buildings.

Improve Window Durability

A manufacturer defect can cause a window to shatter, showering glass on anyone and anything nearby. Whether the break occurs at your home or your place of business, a shattered window can lead to unforeseen costs and life-threatening injuries.

Window films help hold shattered glass together, providing an extra layer of protection if a window breaks. Our architectural window films can help keep your family safer and protect employees working near large office windows. Help prevent shattered glass from showering you and your passengers in the event of a crash with our automotive window film.

Slow Fading of Interiors

Our automotive and architectural window films significantly reduce the risk of fading. Protect your furnishings and upholstery from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays with Madico window film. All of your artwork, furniture, flooring and drapes will remain bright and vivid for longer. Block the damaging effects of sunlight and slow the fading of merchandise kept in commercial facilities and stores.

Increase Comfort

Madico window film’s maximum heat rejection offers improved temperature control for automobiles, homes, office spaces and more. Regulate the temperature disparity between sunny and shaded areas of your building. When used in your home, window film reduces heat gain to help create a more comfortable living environment. Improve customer and employee comfort all year long by keeping high-traffic areas cooler.

Reduce Glare

Window film reduces the glare of incoming light, which can affect visibility inside your home or business. Allow more natural light in without annoying glare impacting your ability to see computer and TV screens. Decrease the need for artificial lighting and reduce heat with window tinting film. Harmful glare can infiltrate your vehicle as you drive, eventually leading to eyestrain and drowsiness.

Enhance Style

Madico window films are available in many shades and colors — great for improving your safety and your quality of life. Effectively enhance the look of your car, home or office with our wide variety of films and tints.

Easily see which Madico architectural films offer solutions that may meet your needs with an interactive film selector. Get recommendations based on your individual window film needs. For automotive film, we use a tint simulator to determine what window films are right for you.

Find a Madico Dealer Today and Ask About Our Window Film Warranties

Whether you’re looking to protect your automobile, reduce glare inside your home or slow the fading of merchandise, Madico window films have one of the best warranty policies in the industry. Find a Madico dealer near you to discuss our warranties for window film and schedule a professional installation.