If you’ve installed window film or are currently considering it, you might have wondered what it means for your investment in your car or home. Does adding window film affect resale value positively because of its many benefits, or does it decrease value because the next owner might not like the look?

Window film offers aesthetic and functional benefits for cars and homes, and it’s easy to take down if necessary. In most cases, window film will only add to the value of the car or house or, at a minimum, won’t affect it. Let’s explore the process for adding value with window tint.

Automotive Window Film

Automotive window film is perhaps best known for its impact on style, adding a sleek tint to your car’s windows, but it also offers a range of functional benefits, including:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) protection: Films can block harmful UV light to protect your skin and reduce fading to the interior.
  • Temperature control: By blocking sunlight, window film can keep your car cooler and improve comfort.
  • Improved safety: If a window is broken, films can hold the pieces together and keep them in place for greater safety during a crash.
  • Reduced glare: Window film reduces glare, helping you enjoy full visibility and avoid eyestrain.
  • Better privacy: Darker windows mean better privacy for everyone in the car and your valuables.

How Adding Window Film to Your Vehicle Can Affect Resale Value

In most cases, you can add value to your car with window tint because of all of those advantages it has to offer. If the next buyer doesn’t share your tastes, they can easily remove the films. Still, not everyone knows about those benefits, and many people notice the effect on style before anything else. The stylistic appeal depends on the buyer. Plus, a bad installation can quickly turn window film into a detractor, so it’s vital to have them professionally installed.

The environment can also influence the value of window film. If you live in a hot, sunny location, the cooling effects of window film can be more enticing, along with the protection it offers for interior fading. You’ll also want to consider legality. If you live near the border of a state where a window tint is illegal, buyers may not want to risk it.

Another way you increase your car’s value with window tint is by keeping it in good condition. It can slow fading and provide windshield protection from scratches and minor hazards like small rocks. By keeping the car cool, it can even reduce the use of your air conditioning system and keep it in better shape for longer. These minor protections can make a big difference when it’s time to resell.

Residential Window Film

You can find similar benefits and increase your home’s value with residential window film. These pressure- or water-activated films block almost all UV rays and are scratch-resistant. Many styles are available so that you can find the right fit for your home. Some work like a one-way mirror, keeping your view intact while minimizing glare and heat. Some can darken the windows, while others remain clear or even add a mirror-like reflection. Like automotive window film, you can easily remove residential film if it doesn’t fit your buyer’s tastes.

Residential window film can:

  • Improve energy efficiency: By blocking heat, window films can boost a home’s energy efficiency, allowing you or the next owner to reduce air conditioning and heating bills. For many buyers, this is a significant concern.
  • Protect residents and belongings: Keeping UV rays out can help you avoid health problems, and it can slow down the fading process for any belongings that might be in the sun. 
  • Offer safety and security: Some window films are designed for safety and security. They can hold shattered glass together, reducing hazards from storms and high winds and minimizing crime by making it much more difficult for thieves to break through. Privacy windows can also keep the contents of your house hidden, so it’s harder for criminals to see what’s inside.
  • Add aesthetic appeal: Curb appeal is a huge part of selling a home, and window film can help create the desired look for your house. Decorative films can also be used indoors for decor, such as on a shower door or around an office conference room.

How Adding Window Film to Your Home Can Affect Resale Value

Window film is an easy way to add value to your home and, like automotive film, can easily be removed by the next user. The benefits listed above can be attractive qualities in a new home. 

The Department of Energy tells us that heat gain and loss from windows make up 25% to 30% of energy use for residential heating and cooling. Window films can reduce this inefficiency by blocking solar rays. With climbing energy prices, window films can help the next buyer keep their bills lower and minimize their carbon footprint. These savings can be even more valuable if you live in an area that sees particularly steep temperatures.

Curb appeal is another area where window film can offer an edge. It allows you to add visually appealing tones and finishes to the glass to fit the home. Reflective Silver, for example, can add a glass-like reflection, while Solar Bronze film adds a subtle earth tone. Of course, clear films are also available, but many attractive tints can be used to cultivate greater curb appeal and gentle interior effects, like reduced glare and improved nighttime views. As with cars, professional installation is crucial for adding value with window film.

Privacy, security and safety are other ways you can increase your home’s value with window film. By holding shards in place and deterring theft and prying eyes, window films are a protective element of a home. In some cases, they can even bring down the cost of homeowners’ insurance or qualify for tax rebates.

Find a Dealer

While you can often increase your resale value with the installation of window film, both homes and cars need them to be professionally installed with quality materials. A poor installation job or peeling film can easily turn your window tint from a positive to a negative aspect of the sale. Madico window tints block 99% of UV rays and come in a wide array of styles for any architectural need. Expert film dealers install Madico films across the globe, and we cover them with a lifetime warranty in North America.

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home or car without making permanent alterations, consider window tints. Find your nearest dealer to learn more about Madico tints.