In 2019, there were about 721,885 vehicles reported stolen. Car thefts and break-ins are inconvenient and extremely frustrating. Luckily, there are things you can do to make your car more difficult for thieves to break into. Car thieves are looking for the easiest target. If you make it a bit more difficult to get into your car or make your car seem like less of an opportunity, a thief is likely to keep moving. Learn how to keep your car safe and prevent auto theft with these tips!

In 2019, there were about 721,885 vehicles reported stolen.

Tips to Keep Your Car Safe

There are simple preventive measures you can take to help keep your car and belongings safe. Overall, each tactic is about making it harder for a thief to get into your car. Next time you park your car, consider the following tips: 

1. Lock Your Doors

Unlocked car doors are a welcoming invitation to car thieves. The first thing you should do every time you leave your car is lock the doors. It’s the simplest way to deter a thief, and sometimes that’s all it takes to get them to leave your car alone. 

2. Close All the Windows

Open windows are basically unlocked doors. In addition to locking your doors, it’s best to completely close all your windows, including the sunroof. While it can be tempting to leave your windows cracked on hot days, thieves can use this opening to reach in and steal belongings within arm’s length or unlock the door for full access to your car. 

3. Take Your Keys With You

Always take your keys with you when you leave your vehicle. Leaving your keys in the ignition or on the seat makes it easy for a thief to drive away with your car. An unattended, running car is also an easy target for thieves. Even if you’re just running into a store for a minute, it’s best to turn off your car and take the keys with you. 

4. Keep Personal Belongings out of Sight

Thieves will look through your windows to scope out your belongings. Keep items like purses and wallets, cellphones, electronics, backpacks, shopping bags and cash out of sight. Leaving these items lying in the open on seats or the floor can put a target on your car. Although you may think your car is a reliable place to keep valuable items, leaving your belongings at home when possible is most beneficial. 

5. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

While storing your bags and other items in the trunk of your vehicle is better than leaving them on your back seat, pay attention to your surroundings when you do so. Some thieves will stake out parking lots to watch for people moving things to their trunks. After you walk away, they’ll break into the trunk and steal what you hid.

6. Be Smart About Where You Park

Your car becomes an easier target in dark, less-populated areas. Always park in a well-lit and well-trafficked parking lot or street. A thief will be less likely to steal or break into your car if there’s a higher chance of them being seen by other passersby.

Additional Anti-Theft Measures

Additional Anti-Theft Measures

Let’s be realistic — you can do everything right and still have your car stolen. Install additional anti-theft measures to take your car’s protection a step further. A few anti-theft installation options could include:

  • Security system: Car security systems most often come in the form of an audible alarm. Many newer cars already have this feature, and it can be installed in cars that don’t already have it. The alarm is triggered when someone tries to enter the vehicle when the system is on. The loud noise from the alarm can draw unwanted attention, sending a thief running. 
  • Tracking system: A tracking system can help with the recovery of your car if it gets stolen. Using wireless or GPS technology, the system can emit a signal with your car’s location. This can help police locate your car.
  • Vehicle immobilizer system: Vehicle immobilizers help prevent thieves from hot-wiring your car to steal it. Immobilizer systems can use wireless ignition authentication, smart keys or kill switches to disable your vehicle before a thief can drive away with it.
  • Window film: Tinted window film can be applied to your windows to make looking into your vehicle more difficult. This creates more privacy and security for you and any belongings you have in your car. 

Benefits of Madico®, Inc. Window Film

If you’re looking for ways to protect your car against unexpected auto break-ins and theft, Madico window films are your solution. Our automotive window films can offer you the peace of mind you’re looking for. Madico window films increase the privacy and security of your car and keep shattered glass together to help with car theft prevention.

Use Madico Window Tint to Prevent Auto Theft

When car thieves can easily see in your windows, they can assess if you have valuable items in your car, leaving you more susceptible to car theft. Having our window tints applied to your car decreases visibility into the vehicle. This creates a better sense of privacy and security for you. If you accidentally leave something valuable on your back seat, our window tints make it less likely for it to be seen. 

Prevent Broken Windows

Breaking windows is a common way for thieves to force their way into your car and steal your belongings or the vehicle. Luckily, Madico window films help hold broken glass together. Our films can be used to prevent car theft by making it harder for burglars to break your car windows. 

Find a Madico Dealer

No one wants to have their car stolen. Taking these preventive steps and adding Madico window films for your car’s security can significantly help protect your vehicle from auto theft. Madico window films have many benefits in addition to preventing vehicle theft, like protecting you and your car from UV rays and the ability to hold shattered glass together to keep you safer in the event of an accident. 

Anti-car-theft measures should be easy to use and make your car look more stylish. Find a Madico dealer near you to add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle.

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