Going green and saving energy has become quite the trend in businesses today. Companies everywhere are adopting safer practices for the environment and making strides to better our ecosystem. Reducing waste and preserving energy not only benefits the world we live in, but can build a better business as well. Take a look at these five compelling reasons to take the first step in helping your company go green and start saving energy!



1. It’s going to save YOU money!


It's going to save YOU moneyThere isn’t one business owner out there that doesn’t want to save themselves money. Going green is a great way to keep some extra change in the bank to put back into the company.


For example, try switching your incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lighting (CFL). This can save up to 70% on electric bills! Also, going paperless cuts costs for buying paper, sticky notes, agendas, and notebooks. Try using natural light, and decreasing electricity usage in the summer by using blinds, curtains, or window film to block out heat.


Adopting small habits can potentially save your company thousands of dollars per year, while also saving the environment.



2. Consumers are looking for green companies.


Consumers are looking for green companiesProtecting the environment is a strong goal in society today, which probably means that a large majority of your customers are hoping to preserve the ecosystem whenever they can. Going green and saving energy is going to attract a strong customer base. According to Environmental Leader, about 53% of consumers prefer to buy from a company with a green reputation. And, not only are green companies a preference for customers, but for potential employees as well!



3. Stimulate company innovation…


Stimulate company innovationFinding more efficient means for production forces you and your employees to be innovative and to start thinking outside of the box. Brainstorming ideas on how to become more environmentally sound allows for creative stimulation. The ideas don’t have to be larger than life to be useful and thought-provoking. Simply thinking of more efficient ways to travel to work or reduce waste can evoke ideas and strengthen the thought process of employees.



4. Go ahead, decrease your taxes!


Go ahead, decrease your taxesDid you know that companies can take a tax credit of 30% for the use of solar and/or wind energy? Believe it or not, there are a lot of federal tax credits available for energy efficient buildings. Plus, at the state level, there are laws that provide a lot of tax credits and incentives for companies to adopt more environmentally sound practices. Check out this guide that provides tax incentives for all 50 states!



5. You’re helping the environment, which is reason enough.


You're helping the environment, which is reason enoughIt’s no secret that our environment is in need of some help. By employing different tactics to reduce waste, preserve energy, and conserve water, you and your employees will help to make a positive impact on a large global issue. Reduce your company’s carbon footprint by cutting pollutant and chemical use. Not only will this make for a healthier environment, but a healthier staff as well.



There are endless benefits to preserving our ecosystem. No matter how large or small your company is, finding more efficient ways to run your company will make an incredible difference.