Not all wall systems are created equal. Of course, all wall systems are meant to protect the interior of your home from exterior degradation—from moisture, oxygen, or even—in extreme cases—fire. But they also act as support for your home’s insulation. The more energy your walls can absorb the less money you will need to spend on energy to control your home’s temperature. Therefore, the better your wall system is, the more energy you can save. Wall systems are an oft-overlooked facet of a home’s construction, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take them seriously.


We’ll even do some of the work for you! Here are four reasons to use a light straw clay (LSC) wall system.



1. Light straw clay wall systems are highly malleable. You can easily replace your current wall system with one


This might be the most compelling reason to consider a LSC wall system. Because it is not load bearing in nature, a LSC wall system can fill out the skeleton of almost any home. As our friends from Green Builder Media write, LSC wall systems work if you want to build within an existing wall system or if you want to build from scratch. They work with exterior walls and they work with interior walls—even if the exterior walls of your home are made of a different material. The LSC wall system offers so much flexibility, it’s right for almost any homeowner.



2. LSC wall systems are great for an energy-conscious urban home


The lightweight nature of an LSC wall system makes it a great candidate for property owners who want to make the most out of a small space. Because most LSC wall systems are no thicker than a foot, if you want to create a series of thin walls that still pack an insulation punch, an LSC wall system might be your answer. Space is precious in the city! Don’t waste it on a bulky wall system.



3. Installation is easy


LSC wall systems are not the only class of what are known as “natural” wall systems. But as Green Builder notes, “One of the advantages light straw clay has over cob and adobe and other natural wall systems is that it slumps and sags very little while being installed, allowing an entire wall cavity to be filled in one work session.” When it comes to major home construction, light straw clay systems are about as pain free as it gets.



4. A light straw clay wall system is not easily flammable


That’s always a good thing when it comes to the stuff your house is made of, right?