We’ve all heard that recycling is good for the planet. We’ve all dragged our designated materials to the curb and stuffed them in that dull-colored bin. But it’s possible that we’ve never truly appreciated the realized process of recycling. After all, products are actually made from those recycled materials—pretty remarkable products. Cans aren’t just recycled and turned into more cans. Here are five products you’ll be shocked to learn are made from recycled materials.



United States Soccer Uniforms


uniforms-easy-energyAccording to Time Magazine, Nike has made soccer uniforms for both the U.S. men’s and women’s national team from recycled materials. Your old plastic bottles are on the pitch helping our boys take down Algeria! Nice.



ReCycle Bikes


ReCycle-easy-eneregyThat’s right. There’s an entire company that makes bicycles from recycled aluminum and cork. As if cycling didn’t save enough energy in the form of conserving fossil fuels, this pun-friendly company took conservation to another level. This is just more evidence that recycling is truly a wild ride.



Graduation gowns


Graduation-easy-energyIt’s always a magical moment when caps fly through the air to commemorate the achievement of a hard-earned degree. But the next time your heart swells thinking about your family member’s upcoming commencement ceremony, allow it to swell an extra size or two, Grinch style. According to Global Citizen, there’s a decent chance your favorite grad’s outfit was made from energy saving recycled materials.



Lumber used for building


Lumber-easy-energyYou’d never believe what’s holding up some building in Norway. We’ll give you a hint: it’s black and white and read all over. No, it’s not a sunburned penguin; for one thing, you’ve got to work on your homophones. For another, sunburned penguins are unionized. Too expensive.


The recycled material is newspaper! And the wood made from a newspaper is actually really useful, per City Metric, because it’s flame retardant. Who knew?





Toothbrushes-easy-energyWe know what you’re thinking. “Why would I want to brush my teeth with garbage?” We assure you, the Preserve toothbrush is perfectly clean, recycled from plastic bottle caps. (And they’re very cheap!)


Every time you use a recycled material, you’re saving energy because the production process involved in making raw materials is taken out of the equation. Even if you don’t make the U.S. Men’s or Women’s National Soccer team, you can do your part. Consider buying recycled materials, and the planet will thank you.