There is no better season to celebrate window film and its amazing benefits than the holiday season! Between energy savings and health benefits, we really can’t find a reason why you shouldn’t invest in window film in the new year. Thanks to the International Window Film Association, here are 10 reasons we are celebrating window film to ring in 2017!


  1. Window film can help cut home cooling costs: reduce the heat in your home with window film. Your central air system shouldn’t have to work so hard.
  2. Go “green” or go home: did you know that many neighborhoods offer incentives for green projects? You can even receive tax reductions for window film installation. 
  3. Say goodbye to glare: don’t you hate when there’s a glare on the television or through the window? With window film, glare is never a problem.
  4. Protect your home and your family: you never know what could happen. Whether severe weather strikes, or the neighbor’s lawnmower throws a rock at your window, window film can stop the glass from shattering. 
  5. Alternative to window replacement: wanting to save energy in your home but don’t want to invest in new windows? Try window film instead—it’s less expensive!
  6. UV rays penetrate your home and car windows: however, with window film, you’re protected. The most harmful UV rays are blocked by window film.
  7. Customize, customize, customize: give your windows a sleek look with your choice of window film. Whether you want something tinted or transparent, window film can help give your home or office a look of its own.
  8. Sight for sore eyes: did you know that untreated windows only protect your eyes from 25 percent of UV rays? Window film can increase that percentage!
  9. Protect your investments: home furnishings aren’t cheap. Protect them with a layer of window film and keep them from undergoing sun damage.
  10. Large, small, high, or low, window film doesn’t discriminate: regardless of the size or location of your windows, window film can be installed no matter what!


Save money and energy, protect your home and family, and add some design and aesthetic to your home. There’s no downside to window film, so celebrate with us and put it on your to-do list for the new year!