Electric cars have become quite the phenomenon over the last few years. Preserving the environment and breaking technological boundaries, the electric vehicle or EV is making strides in the automobile industry. However, as with any large purchase or inquiry, it’s important to do your research. That being said, we’ve created a beginner’s guide to the electric car, making your research process a one-stop-shop.



First of all, how do they work?


first-of-all-how-do-they-workIt’s quite simple, really. EVs use electricity stored in a battery pack to power an electric motor. When the battery power runs out, you recharge it as with any other type of battery. If you look under the hood of an electric car versus a gasoline powered car, you’ll definitely notice a few differences. The gasoline engine is replaced by an electric motor, the electric motor gets its power from a controller, and the controller gets its energy from rechargeable batteries. There are more wires than exhaust pipes, if that helps with a visual.



How long/far will a fully charged battery last?


how-longfar-will-a-fully-charged-battery-lastJust like gas powered cars, it depends on the vehicle and its manufacturer. The typical range is about 100 or more miles per charge. This could vary in hot and cold weather or rapid accelerations. For example, in very high temperatures, you could get as low as 60 miles per charge.



Where are charging stations?


where-are-charging-stationsWell for one, you can charge an electrical vehicle in your own garage. For a level one charge or a 120-volt, a regular three-pronged outlet will work. However, any higher level charging station will need installation by a professional. It’s important to look into the different charging levels, and see which would be best for your personal lifestyle. Just like gas stations, there are charging stations for electric vehicles. As they become more popular, more stations are being built.


Take a look at this map to see if there are charging stations in your area!



Is an EV the best choice for me?


Well, this depends if you want to go fully electric or hybrid.


It’s a good idea to go fully electric if:


  • You have access to an overnight power source or local high performance charge point
  • You have a second vehicle for long journeys
  • Your daily routes are normally relatively short in length

You should go with a hybrid if:


  • Your daily mileage is over 50 miles
  • You don’t have easy access to a charge point
  • You often go on unexpected, long trips


Where is the best place to buy?

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Most large car manufacturers have an array of electric car choices. So, in that sense, it’s important that you choose a major manufacturer that you are comfortable with, or have purchased from before.