If you’re environmentally conscious and looking for a home, you probably think you can’t have it all. That’s okay. It’s hard to imagine a home that has both enough space to live comfortably and is an energy cipher. It’s also hard to imagine a home that looks as good as it makes you feel when you see your monthly energy bill. Environmentalism is by its very nature an ethos of compromise.


With the sizable, affordable, adaptable Flex House, you don’t have to compromise.





SizableOur friends at Green Builder Media point out that The Flex House is the second step in a home-building revolution. The first generation of energy-efficient homes built by Shelter Dynamics was called “The Arc House.” The energy-saving spirit of Arc lives in The Flex House, but there are important differences between the two designs. The most important difference? Size.


“The Flex House, at 760 square feet, is significantly larger than The Arc House,” Green Builder writes in the article we linked to above. “The prototype includes a master bedroom, smaller bedroom or office, bathroom, two living areas, a full kitchen, and a flexible “niche” space.”

Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman says it best when talking about balancing the need for space with the desire to be green:


“What I like about The Flex House is we’re not asking people to sacrifice; we’re just asking people to not use any more than they need.”





AdaptableThe second big strength of The Flex House is implied by its name. Single? You can create hundreds of square feet of recreation/office space. Looking to raise kids in your Flex House? Any number of floor plans can help you optimize your family’s sanctuary. You can have upstairs space or you can keep things on one story. You can add expansion modules or keep the floor plan basic. Remarkably, a home that can be “100 percent energy self-sufficient” per Green Builder is also virtually as adaptable as any you’re likely to find.





AffordableHere’s where this all starts to get ridiculous. The sizable, adaptable Flex House is not some sort of boutique home design. Amazingly, the base model will cost between $85,000 and $100,000, about the median home price in Cumberland, Maryland. (No disrespect to Cumberland!)


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly home that can meet your needs, but won’t stretch your budget, you should give a Flex House a serious look.


Image Credit: Green Builder Media