Finding renewable and everlasting energy has been a trial and error concept for quite some time. However, we have made breakthroughs with concepts such as wind and solar power. Now, we are harnessing energy from the ocean. Wave energy, or hydrokinetics, is the idea of using power from the force of waves. Essentially, the stronger the waves, the more power harnessed. It’s an innovative concept that can do a lot for our environment by conserving energy.



It’s (Obviously) Not Harmful for the Environment


its-not-harmful-for-the-environmentCreating power from waves doesn’t use harmful resources like gas, fossil fuels, or waste. As a natural product of the earth, the ocean’s waves are safe to use no matter which way you look at it. The waves are taken directly into electricity-producing machinery and used to power nearby generators and power plants.



Multiple Ways to Capture the Energy


multiple-ways-to-capture-the-energyFrom anchoring devices on the ocean floor to turbines on the coast, scientists are testing multiple ways to gather the power from the ocean’s current. While this experimenting can be costly, the long-term benefits seem to be more “valuable than putting money into carbon-base fuels or nuclear,” according to



Less Dependency on Foreign Oils or Gas


less-dependency-on-foreign-oils-or-gasThis would be a breakthrough for many countries, especially those in coastal areas. Transferring oil actually causes a massive amount of air pollution and it can also be quite costly. If we can start harnessing wave energy regularly and in a large abundance, we can do a lot for our environment. Plus, the wave energy industry could mean millions of green jobs for people all over the world.



Consistency of Power


consistency-of-powerRegardless of weather conditions or wind speed, there is always a current. This means that there is a constant harnessing of energy, without man-made efforts. Of course, on windier days, the swell is larger, creating more energy and power. However, even on days that are lower in wind speed, there is still a swell. Being able to capture energy 24/7 naturally is a huge triumph in creating power.