It’s not news to you that the less energy you consume, the better. Any environmentalist will tell you that the less we use energy, the less we burn fossil fuels that pollute our air. But frankly, all the reason you need to conserve energy is the hole your energy bill is burning in your pocket. Let’s see how much you know about conserving energy with this brief quiz:


Which is the most energy efficient decision? (Look out for the answers at the end!)



1. You want to save energy. Should you charge your phone overnight?


A: Yes. Charge it whenever you want for as long as you want.
B: No. Even a fully charged phone uses energy.
C: It doesn’t really matter. Worrying about it only saves a small amount of energy.



2. You’re going on a long vacation. Should you unplug your refrigerator?


A: Yes. It costs several dollars per month to keep a refrigerator running.
B: No. Running a refrigerator is a negligible cost.
C: No. It costs more energy to plug in a fridge once you’ve unplugged it.



3. You’re looking for a quick way to heat up food, and you’re considering whether to get a toaster oven or a microwave. Which is more energy efficient?


A: Microwave
B: Toaster oven
C: They’re equally energy efficient



4. How much money can you save every year by air drying your clothes?


A: Around $20
B: Around $50
C: Around $100



5. Which energy-saving measure is the most efficient way to save money on your energy bill?


A: Turning off your lights before you leave the house.
B: Opening a window instead of turning on the air conditioning.
C: Hand washing dishes instead of using a dishwasher.





1. C. It doesn’t really matter.
2. A. The savings aren’t much, but they can add up.
3. A. Microwaves use a fraction of the energy of a toaster oven.
4. A. You can save around $20 per year if you dry one small load of laundry each week.
5. B. Manage your home climate!