You probably don’t think too much about your garage door. Not unless it’s broken, you want to paint it, or your teenager bumped into it while driving the new Honda. But there’s a big reason you maybe should think about it: your wallet. And an even bigger reason: the planet.



Energy Pours Out the Garage Door


Energy-pours-out-the-garage-doorAs our friends at Remodeling point out, the garage door acts as a buffer zone between a home’s conditioned space and the great outdoors. Energy escaping is unavoidable.


Or is it? (Spoiler alert: it is not.) With an insulated garage door, you can give your car a home that doesn’t ooze costly conditioned air. And the best part of all? Your garage door can still look it’s best! After all, who wants to have an ugly garage door?



So How Does an Insulated Garage Door Work?


So-how-does-an-insulated-garage-door-workAn insulated garage door is pretty much like a regular garage door, except it saves you money—in the long run. Insulated garage doors, like many energy saving measures, are an investment. But the savings on your energy bill will make up for the cost. Especially because, as Green Builder points out, it’s hard to find a lower-maintenance home upgrade than an insulated garage door.


“These products have a long lifespan and are designed to require little or no annual maintenance such as the painting or staining which is needed with some older garage door models,” GBM writes.

Right on. So install that insulated garage door, sit back, and feel the energy savings.