It’s no secret that a skylight can draw a lot of positive attention to a home. They’re stylish, provide beautiful natural light, and add a modern touch to the traditional ceiling. However, they do much more for a home than amping up its interior design. Skylights do a lot for energy savings and have become a favorite amongst “green” homeowners.


Skylights have become such a popularity because of their ability to provide the warmth and brightness of natural light. Lightening up even the darkest of corners, skylights are a great source of light for large living areas. Using more natural light can lower an electricity bill significantly, not to mention the benefits of losing that harsh iridescent light in a home.


These ceiling windows are also a great source for both heat and crisp air. For those who live in colder climates, a skylight can provide warmth during the winter months by emitting heat from the sun into a living space. They can also be opened and closed, allowing a home to be filled with colder air, lessening the need to run the air conditioning.



Types of Skylights


Skylights- Where Interior Design meets Energy Savings - VentedVented: this is what most would consider the “traditional” style. This skylight can be opened to provide ventilation to a room and also allows natural light to fill the area below. The vented style is often sold in the more traditional square and rectangular shapes.



Skylights- Where Interior Design meets Energy Savings - TubularTubular: rather than the traditional square or rectangular style windows, tubular skylights are rounded and meant to emit smaller amounts of light. This style ranges from 10 inches in diameter to 21 inches in diameter. Tubular skylights are not used for ventilation.



Skylights- Where Interior Design meets Energy Savings- FixedFixed: this style does not open to allow ventilation, but does, however, still provide a beautiful natural light to any room. The fixed style is used mostly for design and warming abilities and can vary in shape.



These beautiful windows can make a very efficient and stylish accent to any home. Not only are skylights perfect to modernize and increase the interior design of any living space, but they also provide energy savings, which in turn, means monetary savings as well!


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