Madico® Announces New Testing and Certifications for its Trusted Graffiti-Free® Films


Graffiti-Free® films now the most highly certified on the market


WOBURN, Mass. – July 18, 2016 – Madico, Inc. today announces the completion of a series of independent testing making its Graffiti-Free® films the most highly certified on the market today.  Graffiti-Free® films act as a sacrificial barrier to help control vandalism and provide a cost-effective alternative to replacing damaged glazing.


Madico has been selling its trusted Graffiti-Free films for more than a decade and now has the extensive test data and certifications available to support the positive claims. The films are now fully certified for EN45545, Fire Test Railway Components which includes fire protection on railway vehicle, smoke toxicity, and heat release; several ANSI Z26.1 standards including luminous transmittance, humidity, impact, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and flammability; British Standards for fire propagation, smoke density and toxicity; and ASTM Aging and Weathering and Surface Burning Characteristics certifications.


Madico’s value conscious Graffiti-Free® AG 600, anti-graffiti product, has also been certified for the latest EN45545 standards. This newer Madico film gives users more choices when comparing the price and performance of two Madico products based upon the particular application.


Graffiti-Free® and AG 600 films both address the need of protecting investment in capital equipment for rolling stock, rail and subway cars, buses, and watercraft transit modes as well as fixed passenger waiting bus shelters and other stationary structures that are often subject to vandalism. Original equipment manufacturers, window manufacturers, and local transit authorities can use the film to inexpensively provide invisible, vandalism protection to their investments.


All Madico Graffiti-Free® films are available in roll and cut-to-order formats. Optically clear and distortion free, Madico films protect the significant investment of both glass and plastic.



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