You already know about the extensive benefits that Sunscape window films by Madico offer to homeowners including decreasing heat, reducing fading and health risks, and unprecedented energy savings. But many homeowners don’t realize that window film is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to enhancing the natural aesthetics of their home.


It’s worth explaining to potential customers that because their home is a personal space that they share with the people closest to them, it’s worth investing in window film not only to capture those potential health and energy savings benefits, but also to take advantage of the problem-solving, decorative potential of window film.


In the projects seen here, real Sunscape dealers have used Madico window films to solve real-world problems, and enhance the natural beauty of homes and businesses by applying our products to unique challenges.



Reduce glare and improve appearance


In addition to helping your customers live in greater comfort and safety, window film can most immediately cut glare. Over time, glare from the sun can cause eyestrain and ruin the natural qualities of light in a home. By blocking up to 99 percent of UV rays, window film can cut reflective glare by huge margins at home or in the office.


Naturally, window films by Madico can also enhance the appearance of a home. Using real-world examples where your company or other Sunscape dealers have augmented or upgraded the look of a home can be a powerful tool, especially when used in concert with the Sunscape Sales Meter Kit. This helps demonstrate to customers not only the health and wellness benefits of window film, but also that you understand the look and feel that the customer is seeking in their window film application.



Aesthetic and protective strategies


It’s also easy to demonstrate the fundamental value of a window film application. Whether they are using window film to hide clutter or refresh the style of a room, give life to old furniture styles or adding privacy with filtered light, window film can be an integral part of an overall aesthetic strategy.


You can see in these larger estate-style homes, window film is being used not only to conserve energy and block UV rays but also to focus attention on carefully composed views of landscaped grounds throughout the structures. Clients like these spend millions of dollars on custom construction, furniture, landscaping, and maintenance, so it’s a no-brainer for them to protect these valuable investments with window film.


Conversely, not every edifice benefits from spectacular views. Particularly in office buildings and the hospitality industry, window film can be used to block less desirable outdoor scenery and focus attention on the interior space of the building while cutting glare and potentially creating a division of space and/or privacy needed without blocking light. This works particularly well in open concept designs in both homes and offices.



A product for every need


Always remember that different applications are well suited to individual products. Our standard Duralite and Softlite are perfect for creating a neutral appearance, where Purelite tends to generate a soft light effect. Designer Grey is well-suited to panoramic windows where homeowners want to have a clear, crisp view, while homeowners with skylights may be interested in Solar Safety film.


Whichever Sunscape film you choose to employ, knowing its features and being able to express them uniquely to customers can be a real boost to your business. Finally, remember that you can always share your great window film projects on our private Facebook Group, as well as your company’s website.