Hurricane season is here! Experts recommend preparing for a hurricane prior to the start of the season, including gathering emergency supplies, and having a plan in place to secure the home

Securing Your Home for a Hurricane

Preparing your home for a hurricane involves some work on both the inside and outside of the home. Evaluate all openings, including windows, doors, and garage doors for their ability to withstand a storm.

Standard single or double pane windows can be fit with custom shutters or plywood. Another option is to replace your windows with impact windows. Impact windows have multiple layers of glass bonded together to a plastic interlayer and installed in reinforced frames to provide durability and strength. In the event of impact, the glass will shatter but remain intact and within the frame.

Window Film for Hurricanes

Safety and security films provide 24-hour, passive protection against threats such as severe weather, accidents, and vandalism by holding shattered glass fragments in place. However, safety and security window films are not appropriate for hurricanes. This is because the window frame itself is not designed to withstand the impact of hurricane force winds.

Preparing Outdoor Areas for Hurricane

Trim all trees and landscaping prior to the start of hurricane season. Once a storm has been named, it is too late to start trimming and disposing of landscaping.

Clear rain gutters of all debris to accommodate incoming heavy rain. Bring all patio furniture, outdoor toys, and potted plants inside to prevent them from becoming flying projectiles.

Plan in Advance

Hurricane preparations should be completed throughout the year to avoid scrambling once a storm is approaching. Gather supplies in advance and schedule hurricane shutter or impact glass consultations and installations many months prior to the start of hurricane season.