Summer is here and temperatures are rising! Everyone is looking for ways to manage the heat and stay cool.

Do you find yourself cranking down the air conditioning and longing to escape the sun for a summer afternoon movie marathon? Well, this can be a challenge both to your wallet and your television screen due to awful glare.

The application of professional window film on your home will combat these issues along with many others!

How does window film work?

Window film rejects heat and cuts glare through reflection, absorption, or a combination of both. The sun’s rays are composed of three types of energy: visible light, and infrared and ultraviolet energy that we can’t see, but can only feel.

Depending on its construction, window film allows most or all visible light to pass through the glass to which it’s applied while reflecting and/or absorbing most of the heat from the sun before you can feel it. Reflective window films bounce much of the sun’s infrared (IR) rays back into the atmosphere. And non-reflective or dyed films simply absorb or block the IR rays.

Finally, installing window film slows fading of furnishings and carpet, and significantly reduces cooling costs. This results in savings on your energy bills and your impact on the environment!

Which window film is right for me?

Contact your local, professional film dealer for assistance in selecting the best film for your home, office or vehicle. Before making the call, discover 5 Questions to Ask Before Considering Window Film for Home or Business.