Madico® Window Film has Saved Money and Reduced Carbon Emissions at the Safeco Plaza in Seattle, Washington – For 14 Years Running

The Challenge


Where were you in 1996? The OJ Trial reached its dramatic conclusion, President Clinton was re-elected for his second term, Microsoft had just launched Windows 95…and Safeco Plaza in Seattle, Washington received a facelift with Madico®’s Silver 30 (SRS 330) window film. Since then, we’ve seen more OJ trials, presidential elections and Microsoft launches. But Madico’s film still keeps saving money for the 50-story, 754,455 ft2 landmark building’s ownership, who, incidentally, selected Madico after a competing film failed after only a short time “on the job.”


The Solution


Madico’s Silver 30 was chosen for several reasons. First and foremost, it provides energy savings through decreased demand on the air conditioning system. It delivers superior heat rejection – 70% of total energy rejected. The durable, scratch-resistant film also improves occupant comfort by blocking the sun’s heat and glare and reducing fading of interior furnishings by rejecting 99% of harmful UV rays. Other buildings in similar climates have had Madico window film installed for more than 20 years with minimal degradation in performance or appearance. Although this film was installed prior to the “green” movement, building owners who install solar control films often enjoy significant rebates from the state or federal government. These incentive programs are designed to motivate decision-makers to implement energy efficiency measures to reduce electricity consumption.




The current building owners, Hines and CalPERS, are enjoying annual savings of around $200,000 from the decreased load on their HVAC equipment. Installing Silver 30 was a simple and sensible project in that it saves money, decreases energy usage and reduces carbon emissions. The project has paid for itself many times over and shows that the owners were thinking “green” before the trend became popular. The building aesthetics were improved significantly as well. Coleen Spratt, a general manager for Hines, said “The film looks great; I would have never known that the windows had film installed on them”… and for fourteen years running.


Madico® Window Film Saves Money by Reducing Energy Usage at Reunion Park Building in Austin, Texas.

The Challenge


The 32-year old Reunion Park building is located in Austin, Texas, where the sun shines 300 days per year and summer temperatures exceed 90º F over 80% of the time. Humidity is also a factor, with summer averages topping 67% due to the proximity of the Gulf of Mexico. In other words, Austin weather makes it difficult and costly for building owners to provide a comfortable environment for their occupants. Take Reunion Park, for example. Despite having installed light bronze tinted single pane glass, the building management team frequently received complaints of high temperatures and glare. A lack of privacy was also an issue, particularly for ground-floor tenants where pedestrians could easily see inside the building.


The Solution


Madico®’s Silver 20 (SRS 220) was installed in December 2009. This film was chosen for several reasons. First and foremost, it provides energy savings through lower air conditioning costs. It offers superior heat rejection – 81% of total solar energy rejected – while improving occupant comfort by blocking solar heat and reducing glare. The scratch-resistant film also reduces fading of interior furnishings by filtering 99% of harmful UV rays. Madico Silver 20 is backed by a 10-year warranty, though buildings in similar climates have had Madico window film installed for more than 20 years with minimal degradation in performance or appearance. Eager to support energy-efficient facilities, Austin Energy provided a 20% rebate to offset the initial investment. Similar rebates, designed to motivate facility owners and managers to reduce electricity consumption, are offered by many energy providers.


The Results


Madico’s Silver 20 window film significantly decreased the heat gained through Reunion Park’s windows. The property manager, Linda Kliarsky, anticipates about a 10% per year energy cost savings as well as a reduced cost for the maintenance of the building’s HVAC equipment. These benefits result from a dramatically decreased load on the HVAC system. Since the installation, comfort-related complaints have dropped by a staggering 98%, tenants have enjoyed greater privacy, and the building appearance has improved significantly. The project costs will be recovered in two years. Ms. Kliarsky also noted that the highly professional installation process was completed during the day with minimal interruption.


Optivision® Reflective

Optivision Reflective film is designed to minimize the interior reflectivity of glass providing you with a more natural view at night. Its exterior reflectivity provides privacy, cuts glare, and helps lower energy costs. Optivision Reflective helps prevent fading of furnishings and blocks unwanted UV exposure.


View Control Series

View Control decorative films offer a variety of privacy solutions, including the ability to hide an object from view or highlight another; create levels of privacy from certain viewing angles on applications such as glass conference room walls, partition walls, and windows; mimic etched glass for a fraction of the cost; and alter the opacity of glass including blocking 100% of light transmission. View Control films can also be used to create visual effects in office buildings, showrooms, museums, restaurants, and retail spaces. View Control changes between transparency and translucency as the viewing angle changes.


Printables Series

Printables can make glass come alive with color, patterns, and eye-catching graphics. Printables are optically clear, allowing any design or image to be printed onto the film, which is available in two different adhesive types. Graphics look great from both sides of the glass. Custom film printing is a great alternative to stock designs and can be used for interior decorating and privacy.


With Printables, the possibilities are endless: create beautiful, full color murals and patterns, visually soften an entryway, dress up a retail window display, add privacy to office work spaces, and more. Select films also block UV rays or offer a scratch resistant coating for use in higher traffic areas.


Decolite® Series

Madico’s decorative films enhance the look of glass interiors and achieve the distinct look of etched glass at a fraction of the cost. These decorative window films also easily retrofit existing glass with an array of classic patterns that complement any décor. Decolite designer films are available in a wide variety of patterns and are truly customizable and can be cut into any design.


UV Gard

UV Gard architectural film is an optically clear, UV rejecting film which can be used in applications where maximum light transmission and maximum fade control is desired, such as in museums, hospitals, schools, or retail store fronts. It filters out 99% of the UV rays while still allowing the maximum amount of visible light into a space. UV Gard can also be used in homes or buildings where excessive UV exposure is a health concern.


Blister Free

Blister Free architectural film is specifically designed to prevent bubbles or delamination on acrylic, polycarbonate, and other plastic surfaces. It is commonly used as a base film under solar control films to increase performance of windows, partitions, and skylights. Blister Free offers a proprietary adhesive that is not affected by the absorption and release of moisture.


Amber 81

Amber 81 is a spectrally selective architectural film designed to block UV light into the low visible light range up to 500nm, filtering out dangerous wavelengths while letting safe visible light pass through. Ideal for use in environments such as clean rooms, hospital operating rooms, or any facility that requires extreme UV light blockage. The film is also commonly used to assist individuals with extreme sunlight sensitivity such as xeroderma pigmentosum (XP).


Sunscape® Softlite

A proven and popular, premium window film, Sunscape Softlite offers a natural soft earth tone for just the right natural appearance while providing a hue of visible light that is warm and inviting. This solar control film is offered in a medium to light range to achieve the perfect balance of natural light and shading.