Texas Apartment Complex Residents Welcome the Addition of Sunscape® Designer Window Film

The property management company of the Autumn Chase apartment complex located in San Marcos, Texas chose to upgrade the overall energy efficiency of the complex.

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Autumn Chase Apartments


San Marcos, Texas


Sunscape® Softlite 25

The Challenge


The property management company of the Autumn Chase apartment complex located in San Marcos, Texas chose to upgrade the overall energy efficiency of the complex. This upgrade included new air conditioning units, improved duct work, extra insulation installed within the walls, and a new and better insulated roof.


The management company knew that something also had to be done regarding the direct sunlight shining into each unit’s large sliding glass doors, heating up the living spaces, running up the utility bills, and fading furnishings. They considered replacing the sliding glass doors with a low emissivity (low-e) glass but found the cost to be too steep after making so many other upgrades to the units. They were also unsure if low-e glass would even accomplish their primary goal of heat rejection.


The Solution


After much consideration, the management company called on Centex Tint for help and consultation. Chris Brown of Centex Tint explained that by installing window film on the sliding glass doors, the direct sunlight shining into the units heating them up, would be drastically reduced. He further explained that the installation of Sunscape® window film would actually be superior to a low-e glass option due to the large amounts of direct sunlight shining into each unit. While low-e glass does work well to maintain the ambient temperature of certain living environments, it wouldn’t block the sun’s rays from continuing to shine in and heat up the apartment space.


Centex Tint proposed a few Sunscape film options and ultimately recommended Softlite 25 to best meet the needs of the complex. Softlite is a popular window film that offers a natural soft earth tone for just the right natural appearance, while providing a hue of visible light that is warm and inviting. It is offered in a medium to light range to achieve the perfect balance of natural light and shading.


The Results


Residents at the Autumn Chase apartment complex have commented to management on the improved comfort level of their homes. The residents are also enjoying the enhanced privacy that the Softlite film has provided; especially since the units face the community parking lot.


Even the complex’s office staff has commented on the changes, stating that they no longer have to deal with the awful glare coming off of the cars in the parking lot and shining into their work space.


The management company of Autumn Chase is also pleased to have accomplished their goal of heat rejection for their residents without needing to replace the hundreds of sliding glass doors on the property. Thanks to the many upgrades made to the apartment complex; it is now marketed as luxury, energy efficient housing.

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