Customize, Enhance, and Privatize Glass Interiors with Decorative Window Film

When it comes to your glass interiors, why be ordinary when there's extraordinary? Choose from Madico’s attractive array of patterns—from classic to contemporary—to complement the style and décor of office partitions, conference rooms, entrances, staircases, and bathrooms.

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Customize It

Decorative films can be cut into one-of-a-kind patterns and designs to fit your building’s existing layout. This will create a unique atmosphere that welcomes customers and inspires employees.

Create Privacy

Go ahead, welcome in the beauty of natural light while still maintaining your privacy with Madico’s many decorative film options. Install window privacy film to create unique meeting spaces which complement the building’s design.


Decorative window film installation is an affordable alternative to etched or frosted privacy glass. At a fraction of the cost, window film application creates the same atmosphere, allowing businesses to invest in other areas.

Add Style

Madico’s decorative films add an element of style to any space, plus they can be easily removed and replaced as trends change.

UV Protection

Select Madico decorative films block the sun’s harmful UV rays protecting your skin and furnishings from fading.

Enhance Safety

Want total privacy? We offer select decorative films that block 100% of light transmission.

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Our Decorative Films

Black Out

Black Out by Madico blocks 100% of light transmission and can be used...
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Decolite decorative films enhance the look of glass interiors and achieve the distinct...
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Frost Matte

Frost Matte by Madico decorative film can be used to increase privacy or...
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Printables Series

Printables can make glass come alive with color, patterns, and eye-catching graphics. Printables...
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View Control Series

View Control decorative films offer a variety of decorative, privacy solutions. Hide an...
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White Out

White Out by Madico decorative film is the perfect way to create privacy...
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