Amber 81 Architectural
Window Film

Amber 81

Product Details

Amber 81 by Madico is a spectrally selective architectural film designed to block UV light into the low visible light range up to 500nm, filtering out dangerous wavelengths while letting safe visible light pass through.

Amber 81 is ideal for use in environments such as clean rooms, hospital operating rooms, or any facility that requires extreme UV light blockage. Ultraviolet light starts to transition to visible light around 380nm and a well-designed clear or lightly tinted window film will block over 99% of UV energy up until that 375nm. However, there are a number of medical and clean room applications that require additional blocking from 380nm to 400nm, where UV and visible light are both present.

Amber 81 provides excellent blocking throughout the 400nm range, with transmission below 10% all the way up to around 500nm. In situations where this type of extreme UV light blocking is required, the film is applied to all sources of light within the room such as windows, fluorescent lighting, and even lasers. The amber color of the film is what gives it this extra blocking capability. Features pressure sensitive adhesive.

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