Neutral Grey Safety & Security Window Film

Neutral Grey

Product Details

Neutral Grey by Madico safety & security film provides 24-hour protection against vandalism, accidents, and severe weather while creating a uniform appearance. Available in two different thicknesses, Neutral Grey rejects 99% of UV Rays, lowering energy costs and slowing the fading of fabrics and flooring. Neutral Grey holds broken glass together in the event of an accident.

Madico safety and security films have been extensively tested by independent testing facilities and meet safety glazing criteria as defined by CPSC, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and Underwriters Laboratories.


Stands up to Mother Nature

Our films are engineered so glass is shatter-resistant against high-powered winds and storms, preventing entry of water and wind-borne debris.

Leave Criminals Empty Handed

By holding shattered glass together, our safety & security films deter and slow smash-and-grabbers and looters because they can’t get in quickly.

Manufacturer’s Warranty Coverage

Madico films are covered by a Manufacturer’s Residential Lifetime or Commercial Limited Warranty.

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