Protekt HD PPF

Protekt HD PPF

Product Details

Protekt HD PPF by Madico offers excellent HD clarity with an innovative topcoat that provides both best-in-class stain resistance and gloss. Consumers will be impressed by the hydrophobic, self-healing finish for easy cleaning. Protekt HD can be trusted to perform in all conditions and is ideal for cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, utility vehicles and marine vessels. 

As an installer, you can be confident the high-tack adhesive will mitigate edge lifting when wrapping and installing on dynamically curved surfaces. 

Protect vulnerable areas from common road debris such as stones, gravel, sand and winter salt. Protekt HD offers stain resistance to tree sap, bugs, oil and tar, bird droppings and more with a high gloss finish. 

Chose Protekt HD to provide your customers with a PPF that delivers superb clarity, gloss, stain resistance and edge seal. 

Protekt PPF can easily be cut with Madico’s MACS plotter system to provide a tailored fit on any vehicle surface. 


Clear and Resistant

Offers no distortion and is resistant to stains and discoloration.

Strong and Self-Healing

Features a strong, re-positionable adhesive and is virtually self-healing.

Fast, Easy, and Economical

Fast and easy to install, and saves money on costly repairs and repainting.

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