UV Gard Architectural Window Film

UV Gard

Product Details

UV Gard by Madico, also known as Museum Film, is an optically clear, UV rejecting film which can be used in applications where maximum light transmission and maximum fade control is desired, such as in museums, hospitals, schools, or retail storefronts. UV Gard filters out 99% of the UV rays while still allowing the maximum amount of visible light into a space. UV Gard can also be used in homes or buildings where excessive UV exposure is a health concern.

While many different factors contribute to fading, ultraviolet light is one of the main culprits. You can see the result of it in the form of damage to fabrics, flooring, and artwork. You can feel the effects of ultraviolet light on your skin after spending time outside or even after sitting in front of a sunlit window. Even on a cloudy day, some ultraviolet light is present and can still cause harm.

Museum curators understand the profound effect that the sun has on valuables and appreciate the added layer of protection that UV-Gard offers. Retail store owners are also always striving to protect their goods from damaging ultraviolet rays while still attracting buyers in off the street. UV-Gard delivers the protection they need without altering the view. It features a pressure sensitive adhesive.

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