INTRODUCING CLEARPLEX BY MADICO FLEET SOLUTIONS Exterior-applied, windshield protection film

Windshield damage never happens on your schedule so take control of this unpredictable problem by protecting your fleet with ClearPlex by Madico Windshield Protection Film!

Save Money by Protecting Your Fleet with Industry-Leading ClearPlex Windshield Protection Film!

Windshield damage is one of the most frequent contributors to unforeseen vehicle downtime, maintenance costs and upkeep. ClearPlex is installed on the exterior of your fleet vehicle’s windshield to protect it against typical road hazards that cause windshield damage.

Protects and reduces fleet windshield damage rate

By absorbing the impact force from rock chips and road debris, ClearPlex protects the windshield from damage and reduces your fleet’s windshield damage incident rate.

Lowers operational costs

Fleets will experience lower operational costs because of the reduced windshield damage rate contributing to fewer overall windshield repair and replacement expenditures.

Saves you money on costly ADAS windshield replacements

ClearPlex installations cost a fraction of an ADAS equipped windshield replacement providing significant cost savings.

Decreases vehicle downtime

Fleet windshield damage inherently is an impossible to predict problem and is a major cause of unplanned vehicle downtime. ClearPlex addresses this problem by providing fleets with a proactive solution that decreases vehicle downtime.

Compatible with ADAS sensor systems

ClearPlex offers unmatched optical clarity making it compatible with all types of ADAS equipped windshields.

Scratch-resistant coating

The proprietary scratch-resistant coating helps reduce scratching and abrasions caused by wiper abrasion and regular upkeep.

Optically clear with 89% visible light transmission

The unparalleled optical clarity and high VLT ensures a safe driving experience and abides to the U.S. federally mandated 70% VLT threshold for windshields.

Eco-friendly, green solution

ClearPlex will reduce the number of unnecessary windshield replacements and lower your organization’s GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions related to non-recyclable auto glass

Easily removed & replaced on your schedule

ClearPlex is intended to be removed and replaced after it’s serviceable lifespan. Our proprietary adhesive keeps the film firmly adhered to the windshield while allowing it to be removed and removed easily and on your schedule.

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