Dealer of the Quarter – Q3 2021

Company Name: Precision Window Tinting
Owner: Maggie Dodson, Robby Dodson
Location: Hemet, California

Living in the desert region of Hemet, California, can be extremely hot. Maggie Dodson and her son, Robby, own and operate Precision Window Tinting in this hot climate and have been serving customers for more than 35 years.

Tinting windows and covering homes and businesses in architectural window film throughout the southern California region has helped cool those dangerous conditions.

Maggie has been in window tinting since the early 1980’s, and she says her son grew up in the business. Together, they may be one of the only mother and son run window tinting businesses in the country. “My son’s been a shop rat, and now at 32 he’s committed to running the business,” Maggie said. “We’re very invested in this together and enjoy working as a family.”

Besides the Dodson family members, Precision Window Tinting now employees two additional window tinters. They feature Madico window film brands such as Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic, WINCOs and are one of Madico’s premiere Sunscape dealers installing premium brands such as Starlite and Purelite on residential and commercial applications.

“I’ve always known about Madico. Madico has a great sales team, good quality film, and we like the longevity of the company having been in business for so long,” Maggie explained. “The film is easy to install and looks great.”

With Madico wall boards for Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic and WINCOs, Precision Window Tinting’s shop features Madico films. Their company website highlights Madico’s film benefits including anti-glare, heat reduction, energy savings, safety and increased privacy.

Precision Window Tinting was able to stay open during most of the COVID pandemic because the city considered them an essential business to prevent skin cancer. “We took extra safety precautions, but we were happy to continue serving our customers,” Maggie said.

And providing great customer service is one of the pivotal features of their company’s business. “Customer referrals are the key to our success,” Maggie said, “Customers keep coming back when they get a new car, and they tell their friends and neighbors about us. Take care of your customers and they’ll take care of you. That’s been our motto for years.”