Mastering the Art of Google Search

A Guide to Basic Search Operators for Window Film Dealers

Feb 9, 2024

Mastering the Art of Google Search: A Guide to Basic Search Operators for Window Film Dealers

By: David MS Smith
February 12, 2024

Short Summary

1. Precision Searching with Quotes

2. Refining Your Search with ‘+’ and ‘-‘

3. Website-Specific Searches with ‘site:’

4. Focusing with ‘allintitle’ and ‘allinurl

Right now, there is a huge opportunity for large architectural window film projects. But, how do you find them without wasting the day away Googling? 

There are no magic bullets to finding that one huge RFP that is ripe for the taking. But, there may be a way to cut to the chase. You can see what is available near you using something called “search operators”.

Search operators are special commands. You can include them in search queries to refine and focus the results you receive. These tools are simple yet powerful. They are essential for anyone who wants more precise and relevant search results.

Read through to the end and I’ll give you a bonus tip that can 10x your search operator experience!

1. Precision Searching with Quotes:

Using quotes around a phrase or term allows you to search for it exactly as you typed it.

This approach reduces irrelevant hits. It focuses on precise matches. This is ideal for finding exact titles, technical specifications, or legal documents.

Example: In this case, we just wrap RFP and window film in quotes to get this:

Your results may vary. Keep in mind your geolocation is taken into consideration by Google when you do any search. Try this search without the quotes. If yours was like mine, you will see a lot of other pages in the results that fall short of what we are searching for.

If you attempt to put too much within one set of parenthesis, you could see something like this…

It’s a good idea to play around with your query, both adding and removing words, to see what works best for you.

2. Refining Your Search with ‘+’ and ‘-‘:

Including Words with ‘+’: Use ‘+’ before a word to ensure it appears in your search results.

Excluding Words with ‘-‘: Placing ‘-‘ before a term will remove it from your results.

These simple additions can enhance search accuracy. They help filter out noise and focus on the most relevant data.

Example: To get around the limitation from the last example (too many words in one set of quotes), we now have the knowledge to mix it up a bit, like this…

Now we’re cooking with gas! But did you notice that these results are all over the country which is not helpful. Let’s use the “+” operator to help us out.

Great, we got a good hit on the second result here.

You can add “school” back in. Use “solicitation” instead of “RFP.” Or, replace “Bay City” with a county or regional term and see what comes up.

Another adjustment to consider lies in the “tools” link on the far right of the results header. Google is giving you results for “any time”. Why does that matter? First, you only want current results. Additionally, you want results biased toward a short period of time. These pages do not typically survive in the search results for a long time. You may end of getting a local organization’s default RFP listing page since it is ranking in search. Setting the tools to one month will rank new articles (RFPs, in this case) higher so you’ll see them first.

Google also occasionally offers a way to narrow your search geographically. It will present you with a “Results for” link. This provides more regional cities and county options that you may want to try. Google often tests new features and this is one I have only seen a few times, so be on the lookout.

3. Website-Specific Searches with ‘site:’:

Functionality: The ‘site:’ operator targets searches to a specific website or domain.

Application: It’s perfect for finding information on government or specific corporate sites. It enhances research efficiency by accessing preferred sources.

Example: The Houston ISD is one of the top five largest school districts in the U.S. You can use their site as the basis of your search. For example….

4. Focusing with ‘allintitle’ and ‘allinurl’:

‘allintitle:’: Ensures all search terms appear in the webpage title.

‘allinurl:’: Ensures all specified terms are in the webpage’s URL.

These operators have advantages. They increase search accuracy. They lead directly to webpages with desired content, be it in titles or URLs.


For the kind of searches a window film dealer might be performing, I would think that allintitle would work better than allinurl. This is because allinurl is likely to contain IDs or other such data rather than the actual words that we are looking for. You should play around and see which works best in your area.

Understanding and using these basic search operators is a crucial step toward mastering advanced research skills. Whether you’re in the window film industry or any other field, these techniques can be a game-changer. They help you target business leads and gather information efficiently. It will require some testing to see which combination works best for you.

For those looking to deepen their understanding, here are a few recommended resources.

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Top 10 Google Search Operators for Business Owners

Google Search Operators 2023: The ULTIMATE List for Beginners

Remember, in the vast sea of digital information, the right search operators are your compass and map. They guide you to the precise information you need.

10x your search!

These techniques are useful, right? But who has the time to perform these searches every week? To capitalize on these opportunities, you need to ABC (Always Be Checking) 🙂

Here is a way to never miss another posted solicitation opportunity. Copy what you typed in the search box. Then, head over to the free, yet underutilized tool, Google Alerts.

Paste your clipboard there. Select ‘Region: USA’, ‘Best Results’, and ‘Weekly’ for the frequency. You can adjust this if you prefer more frequent updates.

You may have to play around with the options. Soon, you’ll start receiving regular updates whenever there’s a match. You’re welcome. 🙂

Search Operators are useful tools that can help you uncover more opportunities. And don’t think this is just for flat(architetural) film dealers. Fleet operators also issue RFPs for busses, trains, and other vehicles.

Give them a try. Definitely perform a lot of tests. Soon, these big opportunities near you could reward you!

Simply paste your clipboard there, then select ‘Region: USA’, ‘Best Results’, and ‘Weekly’ for the frequency (adjust this if you prefer more frequent updates).

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