Recognized Dealers

For more than a century, Madico® has been built on a foundation of innovation, professionalism, and hard work. You don’t have to look very closely to discover the secret to our success: our dealers. Without you, there would be no Madico. So to you, our dealers, we offer our Madico Dealer Recognition initiatives as a way to pay tribute to your accomplishments and for representing our brand with distinction.


Dealer of the Quarter

Jack and Suzanne Audino

Sunblockers, Inc., owned by the Audino family, introduced Madico window film to the Northern California market in 1972 by Jack Audino. Sunblockers opened in 1995 and has been serving the Shasta, Tehama and Siskiyou counties with Madico products ever since. READ MORE

Dealer of the Quarter

Rest Tiglao

Rest Tiglao, owner of Extreme Tint & Polish in Santa Clara, California, got his start in the business while living in Australia. He was taught to install both architectural and automotive film, but found his passion was automotive tint. READ MORE

Dealer of the Quarter

Matt Howard

INTINTS Window Tinting, Inc. has been selling and installing window film in Lexington, Kentucky and the surrounding area for almost 30 years. Owner Matt Howard has a true family run business! In addition to his wife Angie, Matt's brother (Stephen) and father (John) work at INTINTS. READ MORE

Dealer of the Quarter

David Chukhman

Tritek Window Tinting, Inc. was established in 1996 in Garland, Texas and has been an exclusive Madico film dealer from the start. Today, Tritek is a leading automotive and architectural dealer in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex, specializing in Wincos automotive installs. READ MORE

Dealer of the Quarter

Ken Luna

DP Tint and Detail located in Tustin, California was established in November 1979 by Ken Luna and specializes in automotive tint and detailing. Ken has been a loyal Madico customer for over 35 years and attributes his loyalty to the fact he hasn't had a warranty claim since 1996! Ken focuses primarily on automotive installations and is a big fan of Madico's Charcool® and Wincos®. READ MORE