When the dealer squeegees out the application solution during installation, it is nearly impossible to get every drop of solution out. Thus, there is a drying time (cure time) for the film, during which the remaining application solution between the film and glass evaporates. During this time, our window film is still performing to its full solar control and safety capabilities. However, it is common to see bubbles, haze, streaks, and other visual defects in the film as it cures. This is completely normal, and these will disappear as the film dries out.


The amount of time for the film to fully cure can vary drastically. If it is a dark solar control film on a south or west-facing window in a hot climate in summer, the film can be completely cured within a few days. However, if it is a heavy gauge safety film installed on a north facing window in wintertime, it’s not uncommon for the curing process to last over a month. Remember, though, that the film will perform as designed during the drying time, the bubbles and streaks are purely cosmetic.