Offers Faster Run-Offs

Rain and snow runs off easily, resulting in better visibility when using ClearPlex.

UV Protection

Our films block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, protecting your skin and reducing fading of interiors.

Increase Safety

In the event of an accident, our automotive window film helps hold shattered glass together, keeping you safer.

Optically Clear

ClearPlex is optically clear like glass and seamlessly integrates with your car’s windshield.

Protect Paint Finish

Safeguard your car’s finish from flying debris and natural forces with Madico’s paint protection film’s industry-leading top coat.

Optically Clear and Resistant

Protekt Paint Protection offers no distortion and is resistant to residue, stain, and discoloration.

Temperature Control

You’ll stay cooler and your driving comfort will improve with Madico window film’s maximum heat rejection.

Strong and Self-Healing

Our Auto Paint Protection features a strong, re-positionable adhesive and is virtually self-healing.

Reduce Glare

Window film reduces harmful glare, which can affect visibility and lead to eyestrain and drowsiness.

Fast, Easy, and Economical

Protekt PPF is fast and easy to install, and saves you money on costly repairs and repainting.

Are all automotive window films legal?

Window film laws vary from state to state, and country to country. Many countries allow window film on the entire car as long as they...
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Can I install automotive film myself?

No. Installing window film requires highly-nuanced techniques and skills. It's far too easy for dirt, dust, or hair to contaminate the film. Even if you...
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Can Protekt PPF be installed on vehicles other than cars?

Yes, Protekt PPF works great on vehicles, RV’s, boats, jet skis, utility vehicles, tractors, and motorcycles.
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Can window film keep me safe?

Yes. Accidents involving glass can create dangerous situations in both your car and your home by keeping shattered glass together, greatly reducing the chance of...
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Does Madico offer warranties?

Absolutely. For both automotive and architectural film, the useful life of window film can depend on the film type and the glass type. For buildings,...
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Does Protekt PPF have a warranty?

Yes, Madico provides a 7-year warranty for Protekt PPF.
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How do I clean my windows once window film has been applied?

The cleaning process for a filmed window very similar to cleaning ordinary windows. Before cleaning though, make sure that the film has fully cured. Generally,...
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How does automotive window film differ from architectural window film?

There are vast differences in the construction properties of automotive and architectural film. Automotive window film is designed to absorb solar energy, which means a...
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How does window film work with glass?

When the sun hits glass that's not protected with window film, a significant amount of the sun's energy—about 90%—is transmitted through the glass. That's where...
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How does window film work?

Solar radiation, also known as solar energy, is made up of three parts: visible light, which we can see, ultraviolet rays, which we can't see,...
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How is ClearPlex removed or replaced?

ClearPlex uses a unique adhesive that keeps the film adhered tightly to the windshield, but at the same time the adhesive is not permanent. If...
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How is window film installed?

All Madico® window films are installed by professional Madico window film dealers. The installation process begins with the dealer thoroughly cleaning your windows to remove...
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How long does window film take to fully cure?

When the dealer squeegees out the application solution during installation, it is nearly impossible to get every drop of solution out. Thus, there is a...
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How long will Madico window film last?

This depends on the film type, glass type, window construction, orientation, and geographical location of the building.   All Madico® architectural window films are covered...
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How much do automotive window films cost?

The cost of automotive window film depends on many factors. Your local Madico® dealer will provide you with both a consultation and an estimate to...
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How much time will it take to install film on my car windows?

All Madico® dealers and installers are highly trained, experienced professionals. The process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to a few hours depending on how...
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Is automotive window film installed on the inside or the outside of my vehicle’s glass?

While installers use the outside of your car's window to cut out a pattern, automotive window film is always applied on the inside of your...
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Is ClearPlex permanent?

No, ClearPlex is a film that protects the windshield from harsh conditions that often break or chip standard windshields. Being a film, ClearPlex should occasionally...
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What are the benefits of window film?

Window films have many benefits, depending on your choice of film.   For residences and buildings, tinted window films, also called solar control films, can...
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What are the most common types of window film?

There are three types of window film. Non-reflective or dyed film that absorbs the sun's energy—providing heat reduction for automobiles. Reflective or metalized film that...
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What are the steps in the car tinting process?

While we're aware that many installers have perfected their own methods to install window film, the following information is a popular way professionals install car...
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What does the term ceramic mean in relationship to window films?

The term ceramic is frequently used when nitrate and oxide coatings are used in window film construction. During the coating process, nitrogen and/or oxygen are...
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What is ClearX HD?

ClearX HD is an advanced polymer treatment that should be an essential part of the maintenance program for ClearPlex Invisible Windshield Protection Film. ClearX HD...
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What Is Nanotechnology?

The terms nanotechnology and nano-particle are used quite frequently in today’s discussions of advanced window film technology. Nanotechnology is a term meaning anything that is...
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What is window film?

Window film or window tint, is a self-adhesive polyester film generally made of PET, Polyethylene Teraphthalate, the same polymer used to manufacture water bottles, for...
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What Sun Protection Factor (SPF) does Window Film Provide?

An SPF number lets you know how effective sunscreen will be. The higher the number, the more effective it is.   According to the American...
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Where are Madico window films available?

Madico® window films are available through our extensive dealer network nationally and internationally. Our films are manufactured at our facility in Tampa Bay, Florida, and...
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Where can Protekt PPF be installed?

Protekt PPF works on a full range of vehicle surfaces including the hood, bumpers, fenders, side view mirrors, grills, rocker panels, rear quarter panels, truck bed...
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Which window tint is right for my car?

Madico® provides its dealers with swatch samples of automotive window film in a wide range of shades and colors to facilitate customer selection. Our professional...
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Why do I need paint protection film?

When it comes to protecting your vehicle’s paint finish, it’s a jungle of flying objects and natural forces out there: stones, gravel, sand, bird droppings,...
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Why should ClearPlex be installed on fleet and commercial vehicles, buses, and construction equipment?

ClearPlex’s benefits include: Impact resistance against normal road hazards. UV stabilizers which reduce vehicle heat, prolonging interior life. Faster run-off of rain, snow and other...
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Will automotive window film discolor, peel, or bubble on my car?

It shouldn't. If the window film on your automobile turns purple, peels, or bubbles, it usually means that a low grade of film was used...
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Will ClearPlex impair the driver’s vision?

No, ClearPlex is optically clear and guaranteed not to peel, bubble, crack, or yellow for the warrantied life of the product. When installed properly, ClearPlex...
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Will ClearPlex remain adhered to the windshield?

The adhesive is strong enough to withstand any speeds that a vehicle may reach. ClearPlex is even strong enough to withstand speeds reached by professional...
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Will Protekt PPF discolor my car’s paint?

Protekt PPF is a transparent paint protection film that is optically clear and resistant to stains and discoloration.
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Will window film ruin my view while looking through it?

No. Professionally installed Madico® window films will not distort your view and are essentially clear beyond the film's shade or color. In fact, automotive window...
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