Building Reviews Online

Building Reviews Online

Every business can benefit from having glowing reviews of its products or services on the internet. What people share online can shift the public perception of your brand and ultimately affect your business’s success and trajectory. Being proactive about building reviews online can be very valuable.

Having a portfolio of customer reviews is important for establishing your business’s accountability and getting important feedback from your customer base. There are many ways to encourage more people to leave an online review. 

Learn more about how to build reviews online for your business and why it is beneficial to do so. 

The Importance of Online Reviews

Online reviews are vital for modern-day businesses. About 91% of people ages 18 to 34 trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. Your business’s reputation depends on positive customer reviews to establish your credibility. Some businesses use buyer reviews as compelling testimonials for their products.

Today’s consumers use the internet to inform their spending decisions. Online reviews are a crucial part of the buyer’s journey and push shoppers either toward or away from making a purchase. Research shows that 81% of consumers decide what to buy based on their online searches, involving reading other customer reviews. 

Another key reason online reviews are so important is their impact on your Google Business profile. Shoppers complete a Google search to find businesses and validate if products or services are worth their hard-earned money. The more positive reviews your business has on Google, the better you will rank in local searches. This improves your online visibility and perception. 

Online reviews also let businesses engage with their customers more and receive valuable feedback. You can make more informed business decisions using the insights from these reviews. Overall, having online reviews is critical for establishing your business’s reputation and search engine rankings. 

7 Tips for Building Reviews

Consider these ways to start building reviews for your business:

1. Make Your Business Reviews Prominent

One way you can get more customers to leave reviews about your business online is by sharing your reviews often. Post them on your website’s home page and use them for social media posts. If you have a storefront, you could post reviews on the counter or in the window. Making your business reviews prominent reminds other shoppers to share their experience with your products, too. 

2. Ask for Business Reviews 

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers to leave a review about their experience with your products and business. There are key moments throughout the buyer’s journey that are ideal for asking customers to submit feedback, including instances when they do the following:

  • Re-order a product
  • Refer a friend to your brand
  • Tag your brand on social media
  • Spend time on your business’s website
  • Engage in customer service chats

More people will be willing to leave a review if you just ask.

3. Maintain Your Google Business Profile 

Review building on Google is essential for businesses of all sizes. The reviews customers leave on your Google Business profile will either convince or deter people from spending money on your products. 

Your Google Business profile helps establish credibility and encourages new consumers to engage with your brand. Be sure to manage other review sites that your customers may use, like Yelp or Facebook.

4. Respond to Reviews

It is important that your business engages with your customers through online reviews. It encourages more people to write about their experience with your products, knowing their input will be seen and heard by your brand. 

Responding to reviews also helps to establish authenticity and trust with your brand. It is valuable to respond to all kinds of reviews, both raves and constructive criticism alike. This proves your brand is interested in what your customers have to say, no matter what it is. 

5. Utilize a QR Code 

Another way to encourage more customers to leave online business reviews is by utilizing a QR code. You can share this code in various places, including on:

  • Customer receipts
  • Your website’s homepage
  • Social media

It is best to make it really easy for customers to share their reviews. Customers can easily scan your QR code and submit their reviews in minutes. You can set up your code to take shoppers directly to your Google Business profile to share input. 

6. Use Automated Emails

If you want to encourage more people to give your business feedback, it is important to make it effortless for customers to share reviews. Do this by creating automated emails that ask shoppers to share their experiences after they make a purchase.

By automating these emails, your business can collect reviews without any work. Customers will receive these at an opportune time after purchasing, so their experience with your business will be fresh and top of mind when the email prompts them to share. 

7. Accept Reviews on Social Media

Businesses can get more customer reviews by allowing shoppers to share their input on social media. Ask them to submit their feedback by following a link to your Google Business profile.

You could also encourage users to share their product reviews on your posts. This is a great place to engage with your customers while building reviews and establishing credibility.

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Building your business’s online reviews is incredibly valuable for your brand. At Madico®, Inc., we share Madico U resources like this one to help you build your Google Business Profile and optimize your online presence to boost your success and reach more customers. 

Our Madico U resources can help you make the most of every asset of your business, from product training to business growth to sales and marketing. 

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