Case Study: Diaz de Luna Interior Design Studio

Case Study: Diaz de Luna Interior Design Studio

Madico Window Films recently created a new case study to help you showcase the benefits of Purelite 60 to potential commercial customers.

Diaz de Luna Interior Design Studio, located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, ran into the issue that its furniture was fading and the showroom was experiencing uncomfortable heat buildup. By installing the Purelite 60 film, Superior Window Solutions was able to reduce the sun’s blazing heat, reduce the risk of fading furniture, and gain one extremely satisfied customer.

The success of this case study is an excellent example of how window film provides solutions to challenges many business owners face.

Prevents Fading

Prevents FadingJust like in the Diaz de Luna case study, many business owners are not aware that window film can limit the damage done to furnishings from sunlight. The sun’s visible light, UV rays, and heat buildup from the sun are all primary causes of interior fading. 65% of interior fading is caused by UV rays and the sun’s visible light, 25% is from the sun’s heat, and then the remaining 10% is from other causes like humidity. These three factors are all significantly reduced when window film is installed. Spread awareness of the positive impact window film can have on a business’s interior by reminding customers that window film blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays that can cause furniture fading.

Prevents Heat Gain

Prevents Heat GainThe last thing any business owner wants, like the owner of Diaz de Luna, is for his or her customers to feel uncomfortable while shopping. Installing window film will reject up to 92% of the sun’s heat, making the inside of a business more comfortable. Window film’s high heat rejection rate not only makes the room more pleasant and prevents furniture fading, but it also reduces cooling costs by up to 30%.

So when meeting with a potential commercial customer, add this latest Purelite 60 case study to your arsenal of marketing materials. Click here to download it now!

Featured image: Diaz de Luna