For the Window Film Industry, Social Media is Changing the Game

For the Window Film Industry, Social Media is Changing the Game

It’s impossible to jump online these days and not hear lots of noise about social media, but within the window film industry, social media has become a vital place to come together as a community.


Sure, social media is a great way to get out and connect with the public and let regular people get to know our companies, our people, and our products a little better. But engagement with people is different on different platforms, so it’s important to be active and recognize the value of social media for your company.

Take YouTube and Instagram


Let’s take YouTube and Instagram as just two examples of the value of social media. With the explosion of online marketing and the visual nature of our products, it totally makes sense to put up great pictures of our products and even videos that demonstrate the value of a professional installation.

For the Window Film Industry, Social Media is Changing the Game-YouTube


Lots of window film companies have taken to YouTube and Instagram because short videos on YouTube are great tools to draw past and potential customers in and educate them about the benefits of window film. Positive feedback from your community of customers can go a long way toward a virtually free marketing presence on the web.


Our market is relatively small in the home improvement industry but window film’s media presence makes a big difference. Visuals are a powerful presence that can attract customers who may not know the many benefits that window film can provide. It’s a way to get ahead and it’s a way to stay relevant.



Delving into Facebook and Twitter


The non-visual social media platforms are trickier to navigate. Because they require relatively regular monitoring and feedback, some entrepreneurs may feel that social media distracts from the primary mission to sell window film and make money.


For the Window Film Industry, Social Media is Changing the Game-Facebook

The truth is that social media is as or more connected to your marketing plan and ultimate success as any billboard or newspaper ad could be. A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that 70 percent of all Americans use social media to connect with each other and share content.


We’ve also heard a few comments in our social circles from people who believe social platforms like Facebook and Twitter only appeal to younger people, who might not be as likely a demographic for window films in their home. The truth is that the fastest growing group of users on social media are people 50 years of age or older. This is also a demographic that is fond of online reviews, another social resource you can leverage to augment your dealership’s success.


More importantly, we’ve seen for ourselves the sense of community that has emerged from our own private Facebook Group—just search in Facebook Groups for “Sunscape Films” and send one of our administrators a request to join. While we also have a public-facing Facebook page to engage with past and potential customers, we enjoy the privacy of a closed group that allows our dealers and other industry professionals to ask questions, post success stories, and explore the real-world benefits of Sunscape film products.


For the Window Film Industry, Social Media is Changing the Game-Engaging

We believe it’s just as important for our company and our people to engage with Sunscape dealers as much or possibly even more than our customers. It’s why we engage with our constituents across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, TwitterLinkedInYouTube, and Google+, and it’s why we develop the useful content that you see here every month. We encourage you to keep reaching out to ensure you’re taking advantage of all the resources we have to offer here. See you online!