Facebook has the Tools to Promote Your Business

Facebook has the Tools to Promote Your Business


If you’re using Facebook Pages to promote your business, you are not alone. Facebook is a great resource for spreading your brand’s awareness and garnering new clients. Here are three resources offered through Facebook to help promote your business and enhance your Facebook efforts.



Call to Action Button


Call to Action ButtonFacebook recently added a Call to Action button to Facebook Pages. It’s located on your Facebook Page, adjacent to your profile picture. Its main purpose is to facilitate traffic from your Facebook Page to your website. If you do not have a website, you can link your Call to Action button to your dealer page on the Madico Dealer Directory. Learn more about the importance of being included in the Directory here.



Boosted Posts


Boosted PostsIf you are promoting a special discount or offer on your window film products and want to increase the people seeing your post, you can reach a larger audience by boosting your posts. Simply make a post as you typically do, with the necessary information and an eye-catching picture to your page. Once posted, you can click on the blue Boost Post button and choose your audience and budget. There is a five dollar minimum cost to boosting a post; however, Boosted Posts appear higher in your followers’ news feeds. They can also reach people that do not “Like” your page but fit your target audience.



Facebook Ads


Facebook AdsFacebook Ads have evolved immensely since first being introduced and offered to users. With Facebook Ads, you can reach a more targeted audience, based on your defined targeted location, demographics, interests, and much more. Facebook Ads allows you to increase your page post engagement, page “likes”, clicks to website, website conversions, and more. These ads do cost money and take time to set up, but like Boosted Posts, Facebook Ads can reach a larger audience.


Continue to use Facebook and the other social media platforms to help spread awareness of your products and services. You should also use these social platforms to communicate and connect with your followers, while trying to attract new clients. The Call to Action button, Boosted Posts, and Facebook Ads are three added features offered by Facebook to take your Facebook Page efforts to the next level.