How does Window Film Work with Glass?

There’s a myth going around that unfiltered glass keeps your home and office cool. Here’s why that’s not the case and what you can do about it.


How does window film work with glass? Let’s talk about that.

Ever notice when you’re sitting inside on a bright sunshine day and the sunlight is pouring through your windows and you’re thinking – wow, it’s getting kind of hot in here.

That’s because when the sun hits glass that’s not protected with window film, a significant amount of the sun’s energy – about 90% – is transmitted through the glass. That’s where the heat comes from.

To counteract that, installing window film on glass will block up to 80% of the sun’s energy. That means a whole lot less heat is getting through to you. The exact amount of heat absorption and reflectance of the film will depend on the type of film your professional installer recommends for your specific your needs.

Take it from Madico U. Window film on glass adds up to a more comfortable indoor experience.