How to Create an Affordable Website

How to Create an Affordable Website

As more marketing and social media tools allow businesses to showcase their unique qualities and excellent customer service, you might find your company up against a more competitive industry than ever before. Keeping your window film business on the radar can be difficult if you rely on outdated marketing methods or low-quality advertisements.

Building a unique website for your business can draw in customers and help them become familiarized with what you have to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the best website builders for beginners and what you can do to invite customers to your business page.

Things to Include in Your Website

While creating a website with an inviting logo and bright colors can certainly attract users, you should include a few key elements on your site to keep potential customers engaged.

Contact Info

It’s a good idea to have your contact information clearly displayed throughout your website so visitors know how to get in touch with you.

Be sure to have your business phone number, email address or physical mailing address on the header or footer throughout your website pages or wherever possible. Include your business hours, fax number or even your company social media accounts so customers have plenty of ways of contacting you.

Trust Signals

Trust signals are elements of a website that allow consumers to know your website is secure when they’re not familiar with your brand. For example, if you sell your services or products online, customers will want to know that their information is safe when they go to make a purchase. These trust signals will also help improve how high you rank in Google searches.

Here are some common types of trust signals you should include on your website:

  • Domain: Most customers who find businesses through the internet can tell the difference between trustworthy domains — such as ones that end in .com or .org — compared to those that seem like spam websites.
  • Professional design: Invest in a clean, custom design that provides an easy user experience and fast page loading while showing attention to detail. A responsive, professional website reflects well on your business.
  • Quality/updated content: Your website content should let visitors know they’ve come to the right place. Make sure all content is relevant and updated. For example, be sure to add any current specials or discounts your business is offering and take them down when you’re no longer offering them.
  • “About us” page: Sharing your company’s story and posting pictures of your employees will allow customers to get to know you better and let you share details that make your company unique.

Reviews and Images of Your Work

Before deciding to purchase your products or services, many customers will want to see images of your work or hear testimonies from satisfied customers. If this is the first time a customer is looking into your business, it’s best to show them reviews of jobs you’ve done and what your happy customers had to say about your service. Displaying real, positive reviews from actual people can improve your credibility and trust.

Readability and Scannability

It’s important to make your website easy to read so that potential customers can quickly scan through the information on your website and make a decision about choosing your business. If your website is too cluttered or hard to navigate, customers will likely become frustrated and click away — and possibly go to a competitor instead.

Easiest Website Builders

When designing and building a website, you want to research the best options available. Here are some of the easiest website building choices for your business:

1. WordPress

WordPress is one of the common tools used for website building because it’s intuitive and easy to use. Choose from many themes and plug-ins to create the perfect website for your business. There are numerous resources available to help you learn WordPress and implement the platform’s various features.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace is another user-friendly service you can use to host your website. This platform offers a quick-access sidebar menu that lists your settings in a responsive and mobile-friendly format. If you have a need for more than one website, you can create multiple within Squarespace and manage them in one place. Squarespace also allows you to modify text and images with a drag-and-drop function to make revisions easily and quickly.

3. keeps its services and technology updated to make building your site fast and easy. This website platform also provides templates and tools and provides you with a domain name. When you purchase an account, you’ll also benefit from a mobile-friendly platform to host your business’s information.

4. Duda

Duda is a responsive website for creating good-looking websites within minutes. This website is great for beginners because it’s simple but provides all the functions you need to design a website that brings in and engages customers as soon as they search for your business. Duda offers a free trial plan for 14 days so you can test out your website and certain features before committing.

5. Zyro

Zyro is another website that uses the drag-and-drop option in its interface to keep things simple and easy when creating your website. Zyro maintains excellent customer service to help you get through any difficulties when constructing or designing your business’s website. This website allows you to completely customize your website and add or remove elements as needed without having any previous experience with coding or designing.

Best Cheap Website Builders

Here are some of the cheapest website builders to help you get started driving traffic to your business without compromising your budget:

1. Wix

Wix is one of the top industry-leading website building tools due to its wide range of website creation options and templates. Wix offers a free plan that gives you full access to build out your website completely before upgrading. 

This website also has an artificial intelligence (AI) design tool option that can anticipate your needs and style and build them into your website automatically. Additionally, Wix provides comprehensive support with editing tools that allow for full customization — all for around $4.50 a month.

2. GoDaddy

Another low-priced popular website builder is GoDaddy. This website lets you create a website for free and has basic business plans starting at $14.99 per month that provide you with complete security and compatibility. From customizable themes to mobile-responsive designs to social media integrations, you can manage everything for your website within one dashboard.

GoDaddy also provides powerful analytics and an AI-powered data tool to give you suggestions on how to promote your website and grow your brand. With a monthly business plan, you can also benefit from a custom domain, 24/7 support, search engine optimization (SEO) tools and marketing mailouts.

3. Weebly

Weebly is an inexpensive, beginner-friendly website that helps with mobile optimization and e-commerce. With plans that start at $6 a month, you receive a custom domain name, SEO tools and a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate that will help build the credibility and trust of customers visiting your website.

Weebly offers custom font options, video backgrounds and social media marketing tools to help you grow your customer base. This website even allows you to track your brand reach easily, allowing users of all experience levels to create high-quality websites.

Use Your Website to Drive Traffic to Your Window Film Shop

At Madico®, Inc., we want our window film dealers to find the best website builders to make it easy to interact with customers and showcase our high-quality products and your services. Even if your business currently has a website, consider how you can get more consumers to convert to your company by advertising better installations and competitive prices.

Putting effort into your website — and benefitting from cost-effective and easy solutions — will keep customers coming to you and staying engaged with your business. If you want to learn more and access other resources for your business needs, check out other MadicoU articles that target sales and marketing.