How to Market to Architects

How to Market to Architects

Published: April 23, 2018
Updated: January 26, 2023

What do architects want from manufacturers? It is essential to know the answer to this question as you begin your marketing efforts.

Architects are a special breed of customer because their work requires them to combine an aesthetic-filled vision with critical engineering skills as they plan a structure. Unlike many other window film customers, architects do not want to be sold a product—instead, they want to know how your products can help them achieve their vision.

Marketing to architects requires out-of-the-box thinking and extra creativity. These ideas from Madico can help you successfully market your products and distinguish yourself from the competition.

Be a Specialist

You are the expert. The more specific you can be about how your products complement the architect’s vision, the more successful you will be in marketing. Take the time to identify the types of buildings where your window film products add the most value or the best competitive advantage, then reach out to the architectural firms that are known for designing these types of buildings.

It’s also important to be specific about your products by focusing on the clear benefits—especially the aspects that make your window film options different from the competition. Most architects are interested in aesthetics, performance, and technical insight, so you want to be able to speak authoritatively in all these areas.

Be an educator

For many architects, the role of a building product manufacturer (and you as their window film specialist) is to educate them. Madico is an American Institute of Architects (AIA) Approved Provider and offers multiple window film courses that architects can take to earn their mandatory continuing education credits.

Madico also offers an online library of product specifications for its solar control, safety/security, and decorative window films. Housed in one convenient location for architects and specifiers, each product specification includes technical data, ASTM standards, performance features, and more.

Interested in teaching the AIA course to architects and specifiers in person? Talk with your Madico representative about planning a Lunch & Learn with an architecture firm in your area.

Share Your Story in a Unique Way

When marketing to architects, the keys to success include showing up on search engines and social media. While traditional advertising methods (such as publications and trade shows) still exist, sharing customer feedback and case studies online can be a highly effective way to advertise to architects. Sometimes, positive word-of-mouth and a dynamic story about your products have a greater impact than anything else.

The faster you can grab the architect’s attention with a unique or unexpected approach, the better. Try to showcase your brand in a way that stands out from the crowd, with striking imagery or a powerful call to action they can’t ignore.

You may only have one shot to tell a story that resonates with them, so make it count.

Remember That Styles Evolve

Styles continue to evolve, especially as smart buildings become more commonplace. Manufacturers whose products are flexible, adaptable, and conform to the latest trends offer architects more solutions to work with—and that’s always a good thing.

The number-one desire of most architects is to make their buildings stand out. Therefore, architects are more likely to buy products or services from companies that stay current with the latest innovations and styles. Consider creating a sample book with before and after photos of recent jobs that showcase how you’ve elevated the style.

Show, do not Just Tell

When an architect needs specific products for a large project, the most important factors are usually what it looks like and then how it performs. Set up an information hub on your website that allows architects to study your product offerings quickly and learn what makes working with your company special.

Videos, infographics, and interactive 3D models can all show how a particular window film will work in their building’s environment, helping the architect better understand your products and encouraging them to choose you over any competitors.

Partner With Madico Today

Now’s the time to think: what do architects want from manufacturers, and how can you make it happen? Madico is here to provide you with answers to this all-important question, share architect advertising ideas, help you promote Madico window film products, and so much more.

For more than a century, Madico has set the standard for producing world-class, high-quality film products. Today, Madico is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of window film, providing specialty solutions for the automotive, architectural, healthcare, aerospace, and transportation industries.

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