How to Remove Automotive Window Tint Adhesive

How to Remove Automotive Window Tint Adhesive

Note to Consumers: This blog post is a high-level overview for Madico window film dealers.  As a consumer, you should opt to have a professional Madico dealer remove your window film to avoid damage to the window surface.

When replacing any automotive film from a car, adhesive can be left behind that is more difficult to remove than the film itself.

Many Madico® films use a strong adhesive that keeps the film on the window. Reference the instructions below to remove the adhesive that remains after peeling off the film.

Step 1: Remove the Window Film

To remove the window film, slowly peel one edge of the film from the window surface.  Continue to pull the film off the window using slow, consistent pressure.  This will help prevent most of the adhesive from being left on the window surface as you remove the film.

Step 2: Prepare & Get the Right Cleaner

You can remove the adhesive remaining with a non-caustic cleaner designed to remove adhesive.  You can find details on one of our suggested cleaners, the Easy Stripper II Adhesive Remover (Item GT162P), in the Madico Tool Catalog. This cleaner can be used to soften film adhesive left on the window glass after the film has been removed.

Before starting, be sure to clear the window of any stickers or decals.  It is best to mask any non-window area of the vehicle that the cleaner may contact to avoid damaging the vehicle’s finish, as Easy Stripper II does contain chemicals which may damage some car interiors.

Other tools you will need include scissors, paper towels or a glass cleaning cloth, Sprayway® Glass Cleaner, a scraper tool and blade (found on page 3 of the Madico Tool Catalog), and plastic sheeting.

Step 3: Remove the Remaining Adhesive

Note: Care should be taken when using any adhesive remover as it can damage the automotive interior.

After removing the window film, there may be some adhesive residue left behind on the glass. Following the instructions on the Easy Stripper II bottle, apply the adhesive remover to the window area with the residue. 

Leave the remover on the glass for the prescribed time, and then scrape the remaining adhesive with your scraper tool. The use of a scraper is only recommended on the side windows of a vehicle where there is no defroster.  Using a scraper on a defroster will damage it.  For rear windows Madico recommends using a Steamer to soften the adhesive and allow easier removal, Item GT921 – Jiffy Steamer Film Remover found in the Madico Tool Catalog.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Even if you can remove all of the adhesive from the window, chances are the car’s windows will still need a thorough cleaning. To bring back the shine, clean the windows with Sprayway® Glass Cleaner (Item GT715 in the Madico Tool Catalog), paper towels or a glass cleaning cloth.

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