Madico Window Film Plotters Help Dealers Increase Sales Volume

Madico Window Film Plotters Help Dealers Increase Sales Volume

Window film installers spend many years perfecting their skills, often getting their start as apprentices to more experienced installers. A common debate amongst installers is whether it is best to hand cut film for automotive installations or spend the money on a film plotter. While the debate may go on, the fact that a film plotter can increase a shop’s sales volume through an increased number of daily installs is a fact!

A film plotter is a cutting machine that uses software to cut specific window patterns, allowing the installer to simply apply the film pattern to the vehicle rather than having to hand cut and trim it to size. While a plotter is an expensive tool, it allows installers to work more quickly and efficiently.

The Madico Advanced Cutting System (MACS), is a comprehensive plotter and design program that can easily and efficiently cut any automotive window film and paint protection film for any style of vehicle. MACS can produce vehicle graphics, logos, signs, decals, stencils and pin striping. Developed specifically for Madico dealers, MACS includes a broad range of patterns and options to meet any need.

Plotters are especially popular amongst paint protection film dealers due to the large number of surface areas that often need to be cut. Protekt PPF works seamlessly with plotters allowing the film to be cut precisely to fit areas such as door edges and handles, side mirrors and wheel wells.

Dealers and installers who want to increase their number of installations per day, weekend, or season should consider a film plotter. To learn more about the MACS plotter and to access additional dealer resources, visit the Madico Dealer Portal.