Make an Appointment with Yourself to Spend Time on Marketing

Make an Appointment with Yourself to Spend Time on Marketing

Your business needs a steady stream of new customers – but is marketing your business an afterthought, or a priority? Do you assume that because you have a solid base of customers now, you always will? Do you think of marketing as an expense that takes away from your bottom line, or an investment that adds to it?


Your responses to questions like these can say a lot about how you think about your business, and how proactive you want to be about managing its future growth.


A savvy business owner recognizes that marketing is just as much of a priority as making payroll, because arguably, both are equally important investments in the company. Too often, time constraints become the reason for putting marketing efforts on the back burner. But would you ever postpone payroll because you were too busy? Of course you wouldn’t. Without fail, you either handle payroll yourself or you pay someone to handle it for you – but you manage it as a priority.


Marketing is an important investment that requires ongoing, dedicated time, yet week after week and month after month, you may find that you haven’t even found the time to think about it, let alone do anything. To combat this reality, consider putting a recurring appointment on your calendar to sit down once a week for thirty minutes, to think specifically about marketing. Make it a goal that after 4 weeks of these self-appointments (just 2 hours of your time), you will have listed some specific steps that you’ll take over the next 6 months.


Some steps might include:


  • Work with web developer to update/refresh website content
  • Meet with reps from local newspaper/magazine/other publications to discuss running an ad campaign
  • Look for a local freelance consultant to regularly post on social media

Once you have a plan in place, keep up with the weekly self-meetings to consider additional marketing opportunities, and evaluate your current ones. If you create this habit and stick with it, it will be an investment that pays off.