Selling the Benefits of Black Pearl<sup>®</sup> Nano-Ceramic Automotive Tint to Consumers

Selling the Benefits of Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic Automotive Tint to Consumers

Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic automotive tint blends beauty, brains, and performance—all in one film. Its advanced heat rejection technology reduces infrared rays by up to 87% to keep drivers cool and comfortable. And its wide range of rich black shades meets any driver’s preference.

But what exactly does nano-ceramic mean in relation to window film and how do you translate the benefits of a ceramic film to your customers?

It’s helpful to explain that during the coating process of a ceramic film, nitrogen and/or oxygen are introduced into the sputtering chamber in conjunction with a negative electrical charge and argon gas.

By introducing these gases, the target metal is transformed into a non-metallic ceramic. The appearance of the coating changes drastically and is less reflective in appearance compared to a traditional metallized coating. Hence the term ceramic, as the coating is no longer metal.

Nanotechnology is another buzz word in the film industry. Nanotechnology means anything that is 100 nanometers or less in size.

Many different substances can be broken down to nano-sized particles. In relation to window film, these particles are dispersed in one of the polymer coatings to control solar energy. The advanced nano-ceramic coatings that Madico offers selectively interfere with light.

Being selective, the coating allows the visible light to transmit while blocking the infrared light, preventing glare and haze while maximizing privacy. Each of these coating components has an impact on heat gain and it’s why we refer to films such as Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic as spectrally selective.

Black Pearl NC is a 1.5 mil premium grade film product that is easy to install and comes with a lifetime, no-fade warranty. Contact your Service Center or local Madico Representative for additional information on how to start selling Black Pearl NC in your shop today!