Taking Advantage of the Summer Heat to Boost Window Film Sales

Taking Advantage of the Summer Heat to Boost Window Film Sales

It may be the dead of summer but the film business is coming alive! As a window film installer you’re able to solve one of consumers biggest summertime complaints – a too hot vehicle, home or office.

It’s easy for vehicle owners to forget the feeling of a scorching hot interior or for homeowners to not remember the glare through their windows during the gray winter months. However, these issues all become a harsh reality come summer. Now is a great time to remind consumers of the benefits of window film.

Check out some tips below to help you maximize window film sales throughout the busy summer season.

Social Media Presence

Social media platforms such as Facebook are a great way to stay connected with your local market. Create customized, seasonal messages to remind potential customers about the benefits of film for their home, office or vehicle. Many dealers have had great success with posting some of their completed jobs. These photos give potential customers peace of mind regarding the quality and integrity of your work.

Increase Digital Marketing Budget

Now is the time to up that digital marketing budget for your Facebook or Google AdWords campaigns. It is also important to change up your ads to reflect the summer season. The key is to provide an easy way for local consumers to get in touch with you to make an appointment for an install. Learn more about the Best Ways for Small Businesses to Advertise on Facebook.

Community Engagement

There are numerous community festivals and parades in the summer months. As a small business owner, you can take advantage of these types of events in various ways. Some ideas include sponsoring a vehicle in a parade, hosting a banner, placing business cards in event giveaway bags, or even sponsoring a tabletop exhibit featuring a heat box.

Utilize Outdoor Signage

The days are longer and more people are outdoors. Take advantage and ask your architectural film customers if you can place signage outside their properties indicating that your company has installed window film on their home or office. This is a great way to reach neighbors who may be considering film themselves but haven’t selected an installer. Plus you will jump start word of mouth advertising!

We know how busy you are as a window film dealer and installer in the hot summer months. Focusing on your marketing now will help propel your sales into the winter. Enjoy the summer and stay cool!