The Power of Promotional Products

The Power of Promotional Products


In our increasingly digital world, you may think that promotional products have become dinosaurs. But that’s far from the truth. Instead, these tangible marketing tools have won a newfound following. Studies show a new trend of consumers having nostalgia and preference for physical items, such as traditional books over Kindles or tablets. Another example of this is the recent resurgence in popularity of vinyl records.



Make a Lasting Impression


Make a Lasting ImpressionPromotional products allow you to make a lasting impression with your prospects in a creative way, starting with choosing an item that they’ll actually want to keep. Some of the most successful promotional products are simply items that are useful like pens or note pads. It’s also important to reinforce your brand with an item and messaging that’s relevant. For example, as a Sunscape dealer, you could give away hats with a message like, “We’ve got you covered.” Or how about some sunscreen that touts window film as the ultimate sunscreen for buildings? People will always have a use for items like hats and sunscreen – and that means they’ll keep your item instead of throwing it away.



You Can’t Beat Digital, So Join It


You Can’t Beat Digital, So Join ItPromotional products have become even more effective by adapting to the changing world around them. Guess what was one of the most popular products at this year’s Promotional Products Association trade show? The infamous selfie stick!


Promotional Items ShirtPromotional products also act as an inventive way to link your prospects to the digital world, whether through web addresses, hash tags or QR codes printed on the item. For example, say you want to grow your email database. A URL on a promotional item can bring your prospects to a landing page that incites them to sign up for your email list. Or use a QR code to enable prospects to watch your latest video from their smartphones. A nice polo shirt with your logo is a very simple way to raise awareness for your brand, turning recipients into walking brand ambassadors. In fact, at Madico we already have some very stylish polo-style shirts with the Sunscape logo available for purchase! The shirts would be a great way to reward your best customers or win new business – not to mention free advertising. To view what these shirts look like, along with our other promotional items, check out the Promotional Accessories section.