The Power of Referrals

The Power of Referrals

Referrals are one of the most powerful ways to grow your business. However, there are still businesses that don’t win new business from referrals. Why? They simply don’t ask for them. Entrepreneur magazine advises to “make it a habit” to ask for referrals and explains a trick one entrepreneur used: “Every time he glanced at his watch…it meant it was time to ask for a referral. Eventually, it became second nature.” Read more tricks.

Make Referrals Part of Your Routine

Make Referrals Part of Your RoutineTo get into the habit of asking for referrals, first figure out what time in your relationship with your customer is the best time to ask for a referral. Usually this is when the job is complete – as long as everything went smoothly and the customer is happy. Perhaps you have a final meeting with them when you can ask. Another great time is when a customer compliments you. Come right back with, “I’m so happy to hear that. If you know anyone else looking for window film, I’d really appreciate the referral.”

The Referral Mindset

The Referral MindsetMany people shy away from asking for referrals because they feel like it’s something they don’t do well. But to ever really harness the power of referrals, you have to first get into that “referral mindset.” And what that entails is simply embracing the belief that you can excel at getting referrals – all it takes is the desire to learn and practice the process. Global networker, author and speaker Hazel Walker explains, “Your referral mindset is your choice, you can let your self talk tell you that you are not good at it, or you can let your self talk encourage you to learn more and get good at it.”

Referral Incentives

Referral IncentivesWhile you should always remember to thank your customers who send business your way, many companies go one step further and offer incentives for referrals. This can be anything from a free Sunscape shirt or hat to a discount on a future order. To get some ideas, take a look at this “Epic List of 47 Referral Programs.”