Too Many Passwords to Remember? Try This Free Tool to Help

Too Many Passwords to Remember? Try This Free Tool to Help


As a business owner, you need to remember so many passwords every day. You need a password for your email account, your website, and countless other password-protected websites, including the Dealer Support Center.


We understand that keeping all of those passwords straight can keep you busy, which isn’t the most productive use of your time. In fact, chances are you probably spend more time trying to guess the right password, than you actually spend on the site you’re trying to access. So instead of asking yourself, “did I addextra symbols at the end of my birthday?” or “what was my pet’s first name?” it’s time to get organized.



Stop Forgetting


There are countless password management options, and for the most part, the best tool to use is simply a matter of preference. But if you aren’t using any system at all, LastPass is an easy-to-use free online system that allows you to store, organize, share, and generate passwords.

To use LastPass you must be connected to the internet since the system runs through a website and/or browser extension. But don’t worry, you will have secure access to your information from work, home, and even when you’re traveling.



Keep it Safe


By now you’ve probably been told you need to start generating stronger and unique passwords to avoid getting hacked. You know your passwords should look something like like this: jMQbG]z}4p{6Ap! But instead they look more like this: ilovewindowfilm


According to, it only takes three minutes to crack the average password. And on top of that, 73% of people use the same password for multiple sites.


But who has time to come up with 8 characters and symbols you haven’t used on any other site? The LastPass password generator helps you create passwords that follow practices to increase your online security.


Again, LastPass is not the only password management tool available, but it is a secure and user-friendly option we recommend. Click here to get started with the free download.