Protect Your Family and Your Furnishings With Solar Control Film

What many homeowners don't realize is that their windows can significantly impact the look, feel, and costs associated with their homes. Because windows let in natural light, they can create glares, wash out furniture, and even increase energy bills. Luckily, you can reduce the negative impact of your windows while enhancing the positives with home UV window films.

Repeated exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays outdoors can lead to premature aging of the skin and skin cancer. Did you know that UV rays also travel through windows, causing you to be further exposed inside your home? With Madico's solar control film, you can get instant protection.

Madico is your solution for window glare control and UV reduction. We specialize in creating residential solar window films that raise the bar for quality and efficiency.

Your home is your personal relaxation space and safe haven. With UV blocking window films from Madico, you can ensure that it stays that way.

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Our Solar Control Films

Madico window films were developed to add safety, savings, and privacy, as well as beautify the appearance of your home. We carry a comprehensive selection of residential heat control window films in various colors and effects, allowing you to choose styles that best complement your home's exterior. Whether you're hoping to incorporate earthy tones, manage reflections, or prevent bubbling, we have the eye-catching and effective designs you're looking for.


Optivision architectural film offers optimal nighttime views by reducing the interior reflectivity of glass, providing a more natural view. The film also provides sun protection...
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Nova architectural film offers excellent infrared absorption rates along with a neutral color. A spectrally selective film providing maximum visible light in environments where darker...
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Solar Bronze

Solar Bronze architectural film offers a soft earth-tone appearance along with the perfect combination of performance, fade protection, and visibility. Solar Bronze blocks more than...
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Solar Grey

Solar Grey architectural film provides a neutral tone that looks great in any decor. The film also cuts annoying glare and helps manage energy costs....
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Sunscape® Advanced Ceramic

Using nano-particle technology, Sunscape Advanced Ceramic premium film offers a unique non-window film look. This film slightly darkens your windows — reducing heat and glare...
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Sunscape® Designer Grey

Sunscape Designer Grey premium film creates a pleasant, natural appearance. The soft tone provides excellent solar control properties while maintaining a comfortable environment. The natural...
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Sunscape® Duralite

Designed to create a neutral appearance, Sunscape Duralite premium film provides excellent solar energy reduction while minimizing interior and exterior reflectance. Duralite’s unique construction provides...
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Sunscape® Purelite

Sunscape Purelite premium film is a very distinctive product created to be an extremely light window film that provides balanced solar performance while appearing highly...
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Sunscape® Softlite

A proven and popular premium window film, Sunscape Softlite offers a natural soft earth tone for just the right natural appearance while providing a hue...
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Sunscape® Starlite

Our Sunscape Starlite premium window film is engineered to provide excellent heat reduction while minimizing any interior reflection you may experience with other solar control...
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Optivision® Reflective

Optivision Reflective film is designed to minimize the interior reflectivity of glass providing you with a more natural view at night. Its exterior reflectivity provides...
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Reflective Silver

Reflective Silver architectural film keeps homes and offices more comfortable while providing exterior reflectivity that offers privacy, cuts glare, and helps lower energy costs. Heat...
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UV Gard

UV Gard architectural film is an optically clear, ultraviolet light rejection film, which can be used in applications where maximum light transmission and maximum fade...
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Blister Free

Blister Free architectural film is specifically designed to prevent bubbles or delamination on acrylic, polycarbonate, and other plastic surfaces. It is commonly used as a...
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