View Control Series

View Control Series

Product Details

View Control decorative films offer a variety of decorative, privacy solutions.

    • Hide an object from view or highlight another.
    • Create levels of privacy from certain viewing angles
    • Mimic etched glass for a fraction of the cost
    • Alter the opacity of glass including blocking 100% of light transmission.

View Control films can be used to create visual effects between transparency and translucency as the viewing angle changes.

Common Applications include:

  • Glass conference rooms
  • Partition walls
  • Showrooms
  • Museums
  • Retail spaces


Manufactured by Madico

When you purchase Madico film you can rest assured that you have selected a high quality and extensively tested product.

Headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida, Madico, Inc. manufactures and distributes high performance window films for automotive, architectural, and safety and security applications through seven company owned distribution centers in the United States as well as an extensive international distributor network.

Madico films are installed by highly trained professional dealers who are experts in selecting the best product for each customer’s unique need and application.

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